Monday, July 7, 2014

Natural Remedies: Part I

In a prior post, My Migraines, I talked about how I was going to start taking vitex to regulate my menstrual cycle. Since this post, I have gone through two bottles of vitex. My experience with vitex has been nothing but a positive one and here is my story.

For as long as I can remember, I have never had a regular period. When I was younger, they just thought that it was because I started at such a young age. As I got older, they pushed birth control on me to help regulate my period. I was on birth control, the pill and the patch, for about 8 years off and on. After I got off of the patch birth control, my body went crazy. I would have horrible periods that lasted almost 2 weeks, blood clots, and heavy flow. My flow was so heavy and lasted so long, I was anemic from the blood loss. I went to the doctor and they thought that it was fibroids, it wasn't. They did sonograms and their final conclusion: my ovaries just wasn't working properly. After about another 2 years on birth control, I decided to give it up. I was at the age where I wasn't trying to prevent pregnancy, but I wasn't doing anything to get pregnant. I made the decision to try to regulate my periods on my own, naturally.

I searched for months about which herb to try to to regulate my periods and decided on chaste-berry or vitex to do so. I began taking them as directed and within 2 weeks, I started to feel like I was going to start my period. Sure enough, it started. It started and lasted for 7 days. It was heavy, but that was to be expected since I hadn't had a period in months. After taking it for 3 months, I had three periods. Now, the one thing that I will say is that the number of days varied, but did I have one every month? Yes. 

Since this time, I have slowed down on taking vitex because I wanted my body to regulate itself and guess what? I have a period every month. I am going to talk with my gynecologist about the length of time between my periods and see if there is any problem with it. My periods are normal. I have a couple of heavy days and then it slowly tapers off; it lasts about 5 days and then its gone. This is the most regular periods that I have had in my life!!!

I used vitex strictly for period regulation. While taking vitex, I also took a multivitamin (filled with extra B vitamins), evening primrose oil, vitamin C, and a fish oil capsule. In my prior post, I stated that I also took Dong Quai. I still have this, but unfortunately, I couldn't stomach the smell to take it on a regular basis. I am sure that the vitex along with the other vitamins help contribute to my success.

If you are looking to regulate your periods naturally, or if you are trying to conceive, please research some natural alternative. There are tons of websites with information about it.

If you have any questions, please leave them below! 

This is my personal experience. I am not  a doctor nor do I claim to be. Please research and see what will work for you and check with your doctor to see if its safe for you to take any herbs or natural remedies.