Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

RIP: Amy Winehouse

Rehab...My Tears Dry on Their Own... F-Me Pumps...You Know That I'm No Good...awwh! The list can go on for like 15 more songs! From the moment that I got the burned copy of Back to Black, it was on heavy rotation. I must admit that the soulful, slightly drunken sound of Amy Winehouse's music spoke to me on so many levels. It actually peaked my interest for soul singers from across the pond and Blue-Eyed Soul.

Although the cause of her death is unknown, people are speculating drugs were involved (its not always the narcotic people). Poor Thing. And then there's the whole '27' theory that is going around. The good die young. Taken too soon.

My thoughts and prayers are with her family. Rest In Peace.

May I Suggest Mondays...

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love Mexican Food. So much so that I dedicate a whole day to it: Mexican Mondays. I have recently fell in love with Qdobas 'Craft 2'. Its the best of both worlds; a li'l of this, a li'l of that.

While sitting there enjoying my meal, which consisted of a chicken mango salad and two chicken tacos, I noticed something as I glanced around the restaurant. There were several people dining alone. There were 4 people, young professionals, dining alone. I thought that this was weird, but I had been there several times before and never noticed it until now.

For some of us single people who don't always want take out, eating out on Mondays may be the way to go. The restaurants are less crowded, so there isn't a real rush to finish your food; you don't really feel awkward because people are not gawking at you; and since there really isn't anything on TV, but Basketball Wives and Single Ladies, why not take yourself out on a date.

Date Myself Mondays has a nice ring to it...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hate of the Day...

So, my cousin has a hate of the day post on his facebook status everyday. I decided to have a hate of the day (or week or moment series). There are not too many things that I hate, but on this HOTT, Sunday morning, I am on edge.

Hate of the day: Budget Cuts!

I watched This Week with Christiane Amanpour and got a summary of what the budget cuts mean to me and it's sickening. The government really has to reach a deal soon before this recession we are in, turns into a depression. I can see that ramiifcaitons in my own job with the HUGE cuts to Public Housing Funds. Something has to give!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Two pills a day to keep HIV away...

While surfing some of my favorite blogs, I came across an article about a way to prevent HIV/AIDS.


After doing more research, it seems as that there are two studies that prove that there is some promise to preventing HIV/AIDS. Before I say this is strictly my opinion. If a pill can actually prevent HIV/AIDS then that is great, but its also a way for people to be even more irresponsible. Sure, this can reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS, but you are putting yourself at risk for other STD's. Not to mention, nothing is ever 100%, so there still would be a risk. I am not completely against it, but in addition to these pills they should have a plan of some kind that educates people about safe sex.

Perhaps they should offer this pill to people who are at greater risk of contracting the disease, such as people with other autoimmune disorders or STD's. I don't know, this is just my opinion. We, as people, are always taking the easy way out of things.

Wrap it up, keep your legs closed, or just say no!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If you don't use it, trust me, you will lose it

While reading some of my prior posts, I realized something. There is something off about them. The words flow but not in the meaningful, colorful, liquid way that they used to. I feel like I have loss my touch when it comes to writing. I was reading part of a book that I was writing, Mr. Anderson, and it was great! Who knows, it might make a few appearance here, but my writing styles aren't the same. The creativity is gone. How do I get it back. I started to make a flyer and for the first time my mind went completely blank. Two years ago, I could make one in 10 minutes--and it had that unique flare that was a trademark of mine. There is even a clear difference in my writing style in this blog and my prior one, The Unemployed Recessionista. My grammar is horrible and my proofreading skills are even worse. My graphic design skills are lack luster, to say the least.

How did this happen?!?! How!!?!?! I am so out of touch with my creativity?! What do you do when your creativity doesn't find you?!?!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Ode to the Gap

Today was my last official day at the Gap at Robinson. Its such a bittersweet moment for me. All of the friends that I have made there, customers I've helped, things that I've learned. Even though the stores' whole dynamic had changed, it still was a home to me. When I was down and out, they fed me, put quality clothes on my back--at a discount, but most of all they supported me--both financially and mentally. The things that I learned there prepared me for the position that I have today.

I can honestly say that Gap, Inc. is one of the best companies that I have worked for. I miss my discount already, and thinking about going back for the holidays.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Falling In Love...

It dawned on me yesterday while doing my normal Sunday routine. I woke up just like any other Sunday and debated on whether I should go to church or not. While sitting there, I tuned to a Joel Osteen's broadcast. I'm listening to the feel good biblical teachings of Joel and I really felt good about the coming week, my personal life, and any forthcomings. I felt like all of the struggles that I have been going through lately was for a reason and victory was right around the corner. The more that Joel talked, he spoke about loving the Lord. Right then and there, like an LL Cool J song, I realized, I need love. And I am not just talking about the type of love from the opposite sex, but true, unconditional, undying love.

I've been through some things in my life and I am finally at a point in my life where I can say that most of them came because of me not loving myself. No, I am not beating myself up; I am being real. Irrational decisions with men, horrible decisions with my body, drinking and smoking (excessively), the list could go on. And although I have made progress, I need love. Not some man, not a job, not the crazy notions that pop into my head for a week then slowly fade away. My spiritual journey is one that makes me feel like I am stuck in purgatory. Like, I am cheating on the real me. I can't think of myself being totally committed to the Lord because I still love my old ways.

I need to fall in love with myself and the Lord. I love myself enough to let go of the vices that hold me down, but there is still work to be done, and I know that the Lord ain't done with me yet!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Outside My Window


On a whim, I took this picture with the camera that I currently have. It’s one of those pictures that came out really well, in my opinion. I am by no means a photographer. This is a picture of an African Violet sitting on my window seal. The back drop is the view from my window. Enough said. Enjoy!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Music Review Monday: Ledisi

Happy 4th of July!

While riding to a BBQ, I really got to listen to and get the full effect of the new Ledisi album, Pieces of Me. I got it on a whim while at Target. It was a toss up between her and Beyonce, and since Run the World (Girls) irks me to no end, I decided to go with Ledisi.

Now, I have been a Ledisi fan since the first time I heard 'In the Morning (Live)' and I still to this day have 'Think of You' on my motivational CD in the car. Her neo-soul sound and great lyrics makes me feel like I am listening to 'real music', not this electronically produced stuff that we have flooding the airwaves.

Oh yeah, on to the review...Like all of her CD's you can expect to have some feel good music. I am big on lyrics with any song, but it seems like the lyrics all hit home with me. The lead single 'Pieces of Me' is the quintessential black woman narrative:

So many colors...
(I make up the woman that you see)
A good friend and lover
(Anything you want Yes I can be)
I can run the business and make time for fantasy
(These are the pieces of me)

Other songs I love: So Into You, Bravo, Coffee, Shine, BGTY (Be Good To Yourself) and I Got to Get to You. Surprisingly, I am not a fan of Stay Together, which for anyone that knows me, I LOVE Jaheim. That song just doesn't do it for me.

Overall, I brought this CD without even hearing the title track and I must say that I feel like it was well worth the $10.70 that I paid for it. 3 out of 4 stars!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

$65 Later...

Yesterday, I went to get my nails done at one of the busiest nail shop in the North Hills area. After waiting for 45 minutes, finally I got to sit in the pedicure chair. While sitting there I overheard another customer talking about the Shellac polish. I had done my research this before, but I was skeptical. After the amazing pedicure, I asked the girl about her nails. She said that she really like it because it lasted longer than regular polish and it was gentle on your nails. Not to mention it was a thin gel coat, so you don't feel like you have on fake nails. I decided to give it a try! The results are below:

Sorry for the poor quality. I have to get a better camera.

The Pros:
So far, so good! When you get it done, you don't have to wait for them to dry and you don't run the risk of smudging them. If you get a manicure every week, this may save you some money. The nail technician said that he's seen a french last at least 2 weeks.

The Cons:
The cost. It's an additional $15 on top of the manicure charge; $30 all together. Also, there are limited colors that you can get. If you are like me, you want your nails and toes to match, that may not happen. No biggie, because the classic french is always an option.

After the pedicure, toe nail art, manicure, Shellac polish, and tip...the grand total was $65.

I'll update in a week to see how they are holding up.

Update: They are still holding up after 2 weeks! I just got them redone because it kinda started looking like I needed a fill and one of the nails was chipped really bad on the side. I probably could have rode it out for another week, but I wouldn't know when I could get them done again. Also, I went to a different place to get them done, and different places charge different prices, so shop around! =)