360 in 365: The List

The List
The whole concept of 360 in 365 is that in one year, I’ll make a complete transformation, or turn whatever situation around. With that being said, this is the list that I hope to accomplish in 365 days.
Explore My Surroundings: I live in Pittsburgh, PA and so many times I hear people say there is nothing to do here. Well, I am making it a goal to actually explore my city, try new places and different things. On a typical weekend instead of sitting in the house or going to the mall, I am going out and find something to do. And I am not just talking about going to the club and bars. I would say that this one is accomplished. In just a few months, I have found myself at the spa, at a couple of local talent concerts, and various parties, but there is still more work to do or can be done.
Learn to Cook: Ok, I consider myself a great cook, but there are things that I don’t really know how to cook. I am fine with the normal stuff like spaghetti, tacos, sandwiches, and chicken…but cooking other things, not so much. I plan on getting cookbooks from the library and teaching myself how to cook, bake, flambé, and sautee!
Get It Right, Get It Tight: At my last doctor’s visit, Dr Craig looked me straight eye and said ‘You need to lose weight before you turn 30; it’s easier when you are in your 20’s.’ I have made it my personal mission to lose at least 20 lbs before my 30th birthday.
Keep It Up: You’re walking through that mall and you see someone with some raggedy sweatpants, an old shirt, and some beat up Reebok classics…chances are that’s me. Ha! Not that I don’t keep myself up, because I do get my hair done every other week, keep my nails manicured, and for the most part, bathe every day, but there are more things that I can do. I can wear a li’l make up, or dress presentable, even though I am not going anywhere or think that no one will see me.
Build Better Relationships and Start New Ones: So many times I get caught up in petty things and I find myself losing out on some great relationships with people. And I am not just talking about with the opposite sex. I need to build better relationships with my family, friends, and people in general.
Get My Real Estate License: One of my co-workers is a real estate agent, and after talking with him, I thought that it could be something that would be beneficial for me to get. Especially considering that my current profession deals with property and housing, so I feel like this would just be an enhancement. And a good way to possibly make some extra cash!
Take an Enrichment Class: I currently have two certificates (non-work related): Photoshop and Grant Writing. I am always looking for ways to keep my resume fresh and new. I took a class throught my job to be come an accredited property manager
Get My Passport: I would consider this just a small step in making my way around the world. I would love to go Europe and Africa.
Embrace my Uniqueness: There are very few people who I expose my complete and total self to. That has to change. There are so many things that I love, that I don’t let some of the closest people in my life know because I fear that they will think that I am weird. I have natural hair and NEVER wear it in its un-straightened state.  I love all kinds of music, but I don’t let everyone know that.  I am a unique individual that everyone should know!
Quench my Spiritual Thirst: Being a Christian is hard. There is nothing easy about it. I am at a point in my journey where I need to find a place (or places) that feed my soul. I need to find a church that speaks to me and commit to it.
Here or There, Rent or Buy: I am at the point in my life where I have to make a decision. Do I want to stay where in Pittsburgh, or do I want to live in another city. I am not sure where the winds will blow me but by the end of this blog, I will have made a decision. Depending on what I choose to do, I will either continue to rent an apartment (in another state/city) or buy a home right here in the Pittsburgh area.
This list may grow…