Friday, February 22, 2013

Clean Eating Quickie!

Clean eating is good they say. I have been doing good. It's been almost two months and I weighted in and I lost 2kg. Ok, I weighed myself in kilograms because I didn't want to know what I weighted exactly. So, while browsing Whole Foods I discovered, wait for it, Kombucha. What is it!?!? I had to google it before I drank it. It's basically fermented tea. There are billions of probiotic organisms in it to help with digestion and immunity, oh and energy. I would say that the taste is very apple cider vinegar like. I have actually gotten used to it after about 3 days, and I want to try the kind with chia seeds in it. Wait, it is clean? Its organic and raw, so I am assuming so.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My First Calligraphy Class...and Other Thangs...

Hey! I just got back from my first calligraphy class. And let me tell you, it was hard. There was 4 people in the class, including myself, and I was probably in the worst in the class. I've dabbled in it, but the other students were on their over-achievement, teachers pet, goodie two shoes. Not so much my fault; I didn't have the right pen and paper. I never knew that there was so much that went into writing calligraphy. The nibs, the paper, your hands, the placement of paper, the space in between the spaces in the letter that you's an art. And anyone who tell me different is a liar! There are so many intricate parts of it and history behind it. Our instructor Karen Roberts has been the game for years and can teach anyone a thing or two about writing. This is an eight week course and the cost was $79. I am always thinking of different things to do to enhance my resume, and make for interesting conversation with strangers.

In other news, I brought a new car!! Its a 2009 Camry and the payment are affordable. My goal it to pay it off in 4 years. Oh yeah, there goes my no buy challenge for 2013. Some other things that I brought that I love: rhassoul clay, L'oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lip Stain, and anything from Traders Joe's...except those carrot-ginger bran muffins. Reviews on all this coming soon!

Ok, I need to get my organic peppermint patties out of the freezer and watch the rest of SVU. I always forget this show is on, and when I do its always the last twenty minutes of it. Until next time...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent: What You Giving Up?

So my computer is back up and running, and I hope to get back to posting more, but with the stress from work, who knows when that will be. Anywoo, today I was asked by one of my elderly residents, Sarafina, bilingual, devout Catholic little Italian woman, if I wanted my ashes. Clueless for a moment...Duh! It's Ash Wednesday! I'm not Catholic, but not to be rude, I obliged.

I decided that I was going to give up two things for lent: facebook and gossiping.

Starting today, I will not be checking my facebook page, or lurking around reading some of the crazy posts from friends. I wonder what I will actually miss out on. Will I be more incline to pick up the phone?

Aww..the gossiping. It's not that I really do it, but I find myself telling other people things in general conversation. Not in a negative way, but just mentioning something from our conversation to someone else. I noticed that it made me feel uncomfortable because I felt like who I was telling wasn't getting all of the facts and passing judgement.

I'll keep it short since I have a migraine...and have had one for the past two days. Sigh.

What are you willing to give up for 40 days?!? Leave it in the comment section below!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spiritual Sunday: The Tortoise & The Hare

Film Still

When is it going to be my time? I have been steadily attempting to move forward and make good decisions follow in Gods path that he has for me, but it seems like I am getting no where, fast. If slow and steady wins the race when will it be over?

It seems like everywhere that I look there are people getting ahead of me, doing the right thing, and some doing the wrong thing. I just wonder and ask, how can this be? I have been doing everything that I am supposed to be doing; walking this path, being patient, and being obedient, but I still see no results. Many of us may feel this way at one time or another. I just wish that there was a sign that lets me know that I am going to win this race. Even though I am tired, weary, and lacking faith, I know that I am going to win this race.

Recently, I set out to buy a new car. I did my research, planned my budget, and went out searched. The first dealership that I went, anxious to test drive and get this Nissan Rouge, turned out to be a bust. Well, I guess I will just go out again next weekend and take a look at the Toyota Camry and Rav4. Ok, the frigidly cold temperatures and snow kept me away. So here we are a month later and still no car. But I am faithful that I will find the right car at the right price. Patience. Faith. I got this. Do you know that this week one of my friends who went with me to test drive the car actually brought the same car that I test drove yesterday?!? How can this be?! I did everything that I was supposed to do. Was she even looking for a car while I was looking? Guess I'm the tortoise and she's the hare. Sometimes I just wish that for one time I would be able to win the race. Lord, just let me come in first one time.  Yes, there is some natural competition in life, it just seems like I am always coming in last. But if you know anything about Jesus and how he works, the tortoise will win the race. Not in the tortoise's time, but in God's time.

Before I started writing this post, I thought about one of the first sermons my lil cousin preached and it was based off of Job and the struggles that he faced and overcome. His patience and how the end of his days were better than the beginning. One of the lines that stood out to me was 'The race isn't given to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but he who endures til the end'. After doing some research I found out that it's not exactly stated in the bible, more like a combination of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and possibly Matthew 24:13. I'm not going to get too technical with this, because I have heard it before but when I googled it to get the true understanding of it, there were so many stories about marriage, life, and love illustrating this and it was truly inspiring to know that other people are going through the same thing that I am and still came out on top. Am I discouraged? Yes. About more than one thing, but I just have to keep the faith and keep on moving in this race.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Liebster Award...

I was almost nominated for an award! One of the other blogs that I follow, Her Best Hair, had a post for a The Liebster Award which she was nominated for, and she nominated everyone that read the post. So here goes nothing.

11 Random Things About Myself

1. I have a habit of buying things but not using them.
2. I prefer a pen and paper over typing.
3. I once wrote a cover letter comparing me and Kanye West. I thought that it was good, but the employer didn't.
4. I watch QVC at random times during the day for no real reason.
5. I've realized that I can only be mad at someone for about 5 minutes and then I forget the reason why I was mad.
6. I used to memorize commercials when I was younger. I guess that is where my marketing background comes from.
7. I cannot wait until summer to wear my hair out.
8. The beat from Drake's Headlines is playing in my head right now.
9. I think that I might end up being with a white man. No shade, tho.
10. I'm thinking about taking a calligraphy class this winter.
11. I cut my nails down at the beginning of every month.

Her Best Hair Questions For Me

1. Why did you start blogging? No real reason. I started a blog called back in 2009 called The Unemployed Recessionista and decided that since I'm no longer unemployed why not start a new one.
2. What state (or Country) are you in? PA
3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? I would have a home in PA, NY, CA and London
4. Do you know all the words to your national anthem? Yes.
5. How long is your hair? I'm not sure. I think about shoulder length when stretched
6. What inspires you? Failure
7. Can you dance? Yes
8. What was the last movie you saw? Django: Unchained
9. What is your month of birth? June
10: Are you on twitter/instagram? No
11. What annoys you? Snoring and sleeping at the wrong times. Oh, noisy neighbors

The Liebster Award guidelines:Post 11 random things about yourself (optional).
Answer 11 questions that the tagger set for you.
Choose 11 bloggers to give the Liebster Award.
Create 11 questions for the bloggers you have tagged with the award to answer.
Who do I nominate?
Anyone who reads this post!

My question for the nominees

1. How old are you?
2. What's your favorite reality show
3. Are you working on any goals? If so, explain.
4. Are you the oldest, youngest, or somewhere in between?
5. What's your favorite store?
6. What's your sign?
7. What was the last trip that you took?
8. Your favorite song of the moment?
9. Black, White, or Red?
10. Quick! A secret you never told anyone until now?
11. Do you know all the words to Rappers Delight?

Leave a comment below with your blog so that I can read your answers and discover your blog!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Food Friday: Cookbook Review

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Umh, I'm not sure if that is true or not, but I got a book that says after making this roasted chicken, he'll put a ring on it. The book that I am talking about is 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know. This book features lots of easy to cook recipes including Engagement Chicken and 99 other fabulous dishes to get everything that you want in life [their words not mine].

I'll admit it. I love browsing cookbooks. I guess its because I am a foodie and love trying new foods and recipes. This books is basically for the beginner cook. Sure there are a couple of recipes that are slightly difficult and require a food processor, but for the most part it all you need are some pots, pans and a knife. There were very few standout recipes that made me want to buy the book for reference, and actually cook them. This book has all of the bases covered; there isn't an event that can come up that you couldn't find a meal to go with it, which by the way the book has meal plans listed in the back for, I don't know, lets say a promotion...or engagement. The one thing that this book lacks is pictures. There are a couple in the cover of the books, but none anywhere else. So you have no idea how your Good Mood Tostadas should look once their done.

The star of this book is of course the Engagement Chicken, so much so that there is a whole chapter devoted to it speckled with success stories of Glamour magazine readers who got engaged either during or right after their mate ate this chicken. Engagement Chicken isn't a secret or anything fancy it involves a few choice ingredients: chicken, lemons (and the juice), salt, pepper, and some herbs for garnish. That's it.

Now to be fair and give an honest review, I will be making the following dinner from the book, just to see how good they recipes actually are:

  • Engagement Chicken
  • Gingery Green Beans
  • Baked New Potatoes

(I am still trying to Eat Clean, so I was selective on what I chose to make)

Be sure to check out my next Food Friday post to see the results! Who knows maybe I'll get engaged or share my meal with a man, just in time for Valentine's Day ;)