Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spiritual Sunday

Normally, I always have something ready to post for Spiritual Sunday, but this Sunday I didn't. I have been going through some trials with family and work. This morning, I woke up and look at a telecast service and scanned YouTube since I need to find something different to do with my hair this week. I came across a subscriber LubellaCoils. She had just posted a series on God's Divine Purpose For Your Life. I only watched part 4, since I hadn't been following the series and didn't notice title. I just clicked on it.

Lately on my job, I have been spazing out and I'll admit that my job is draining me. This weekend, I didn't do anything because I was so tired from all of the problems and things that had been coming up. This last week was particularly bad for me. I have no support from my assistant, not to mention the negativity. Another thing, is that I noticed myself letting her negativity rub off on me. Not being my normal self, trying to do things that I normally don't do, letting people influence me. Not following the path of God or obeying what I know and have been taught.

It's funny that the first part of this video pertains to my situation that I am dealing with at work. Now, if you have read parts of my blog, you will know that I am trying to be more creative. At work, I am faced with something that can actually use my creativity. Here is the synopsis: One of my sites needs to more elderly people, so there needs to be a marketing/advertising plan done to increase the awareness. At my job, we have a marketing/leasing agent, but the ideas that she had were lack-luster to say the least. Actually, it would yield minimal results. Instead of me seeing this as an opportunity to use my creativity and skills, I decided to let her handle it. I listened to people say 'That isn't your job, let her do it'. And that is what I went with, but the more that I think about it, its a great chance for me to use my creativity. Unfortunately, with all of the people talking and clouding my judgment I couldn't see it until I took some time away from work, and the negativity, to see.  This is something that doesn't just pertain to my job, but also my personal life. I have so many things that I want to do, but is just so drained that I don't have time. My job gives me 14 personal days and 14 vacation days for a reason.

This video may not completely illustrate my situation, but it did open up my eyes.

Check out the video! Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged!

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Cooking Chronicles

I'm a fish snob. I am not afraid to say it. I am just as particular about the type of fish that I eat, as I am about the water that I drink. So when I came across a recipe using tilapia, I was skeptical. While doing looking at my normal YouTube videos, I came across a cooking video from Divascancook. I subscribed. It seemed like a channel that could help me develop my cooking skills.

Fast forwards about 4 months later, and there was a post of Bruschetta Tilapia Fish recipe. I'll give this a try since tilapia is one of the of the cheapest fish in the market. I brought some cherry tomatoes from Aldi's and basil from my local store and it all just came together.

I followed the recipe to the T and this is what I came up with:

It was so delicious and healthy! The only think that I did different was added some Old Bay to the fish. I paired the fish with some baked asparagus (Simple. Asparagus. Salt. Pepper. EVOO. 400 degree oven. 30 minutes) and couscous. Paired with a cold glass of Squirt Soda (diet, of course), it was one of the best meals that I have had in a minute. This is most definitely a keeper!

Bonus: This is actually a cost-effective meal, too. I spent about $5 on the fish, $1 on the tomatoes from Aldi's, $1.50 on the basil and the rest of the items I had in the pantry. The asparagus was on sale for $2.99 a pound. And the couscous was also from Aldi's for $1.25. This meal could feed 3-4 people. Grand Total: $11.74

Be sure to check out her website for other great meal ideas!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Favorite Artist: Anita Baker

When I was in college, my roommate had downloaded all of these songs onto her computer and at night or when we had company we would play some ol' school, quite storm music. There was one song that stood out Angel by Anita Baker. I don't know if I was living under a rock, but I had just heard this song in 2002. From that moment on, I listened to every Anita Baker song that I could get my hands on. I brought her greatest hits album twice! In my opinion she is truely one of the greatest artists of our time. She gets overlooked on her achievements and musical abilities. For my 21st birthday my brother brought me and my best friends tickets to go to the Anita Baker concert. It is in the top 3 of concerts that I had ever seen, thus far. She sounded better in conert than on CD. I cried when she sung Angel. The lyrics. The melody. Her voice. It all comes together for some of the greatest love songs that I've ever heard.

So today, on her birthday I pay homage to her and her music.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Before I attempt Weight Watchers...

Before I attempt Weight Watchers and get caught up in all of the Jennifer Hudson-size 2-hype, I am going to give it a go the old natural way. Back in 2009, I lost about 25lbs. just by eating right, drinking lots of water, and working out. I am not saying that I am not going to join Weight Watchers, but I am going to give Calorie Count a try. I used this before to track what I was eating and it made me more conscious about what I was putting into my body.

Calorie Count is basically a free online tool that tracks your food intake, activity, water, and weight in one spot. They have several tools that can help you get to your weight loss goals and also offers support groups that can help encourage you along the way. They also offer mobile apps to help you while on the go.

My plan of action while using the Calorie Count is to cut out all of the processed and fast foods, drink more water, increase my vitamins, and work out. We'll see how this goes for a month and if there isn't any results or I find myself falling off of the wagon, then I will give weight watchers a try. In my opinion, this is similar to Weight Watchers, only free and with less organized support. 

Other Random Information:

  • Current weight: 196 (I'm not afraid to put it out there)
  • Weight Loss Goal: 30lbs by 6/18/2012
  • Food Strategy: Planning out meals in advance, no fast food, limit carbs after 7 pm, drink as much water as possible, limiting dairy
  • Working Out: Try for at least 5 days a week
  • Vitamins: For some of you that may not know this, I am a vitamin fanatic. If you got an ailment, I can find a vitamin, herb, supplement for you. I will be taking GNC's Women Ultra Mega Energy and Metabolism. Along with vitamin C for immunity. The only reason why I am not adding additional supplements while taking this vitamin is because its really complete and a better quality than what I was used to taking. The energy is ridiculous! Take them in the morning and you'll keep going, and going, and going. One of the best perks: no nausea.

GNC Women's Ultra Mega® Energy and Metabolism

Saturday, January 21, 2012

WWYD...The Afterthought...

A couple of weeks ago I posted a WWYD question about HIV/AIDS and telling your partner about your status. Here is my response to it.

I wouldn't tell my partner about having HIV/AIDS...until the time was right. I think that waiting until you know a person and how they would possibly react to something that is such a serious matter. I wouldn't want just anyone knowing my status and not being able to trust them with something that is so personal. I wouldn't wait for a year, but I would most definitely feel the man out before I told them and see if its something that would go anywhere. Why tell something that you really don't have to?!?! I think that by the 4th date you would be able to feel a person out and know. BUT I wouldn't do anything of a sexual nature with them until I told him.

One of the best thing that anyone can do in a situation like this is be honest and truthful about their status. Also, educating their partner about the risks and the disease is important. So many times people think that they know everything about a disease, but actually just know what they've heard here or there. You may be surprised at how your partner may react to it--whether good or bad--but it will also let you know exactly what type of person they are and strengthen the relationship.

Friday, January 20, 2012

What's a Single Sistah to Do?

Recently, I have been very cynical in finding and falling in love. I realize that I cannot be this way. Lately, I have been throwing myself into my work as a way of avoiding not having a man to spend time with. I am a woman with standards and I am not just willing to settle for anyone. Normally, being single wouldn't bother me, but I feel like I am at a place in my life where things are good and I want someone to share that with. There is nothing wrong with that. I am not saying that I am planning my wedding or want to marry the next man that I meet, but do want some companionship. So from today on, I will only speak and think positive things about love. I am not going to go out looking for a man or have some convluted fantise of how great we will be together. I am going to start back praying for my husband and who knows I may even write a letter to my future husband and have it delivered one year from that date and see if it actually comes true.

Stay Tuned!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Protect Ya Ends Challenge: Week 2 & 3...oh wait, and 4!

Just an update on week 2 and 3 and what I plan for week 4. For week 2, I washed my hair with Aveda Nourishing Shampoo (the verdict is still out on that), conditioned with Yes to Carrots to help with detangling, and then made some deep conditioner. It consisted of: Some Redken hair mask that I was trying to get rid of, some Aussie Moist, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, and Honey. I let that sit on my hair for about 4 hours. I fell asleep, so it got some extra conditioning. I washed it out and added Giovanni Direct Leave-In. Then, I added Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie, sealed with coconut oil, and braided my hair up to go under the wig. I must admit that I am getting a little tired of the wig and hope that trying a bun will change things up.

The one thing that I am noticing that since I am focusing on ends, my scalp is dry. Because of this, I am starting to massage my scalp with oils a couple of times a week. I want to get some jojoba oil from Trader Joe's in the near future, but for now I'll be using coconut oil.
For week 3 and 4, I will be wearing a bun.
Here is the bun that I created following some YouTube videos. For week 4, I will be using different hair, this really doesn't match the texture, and making it a little bigger and higher on my head. I am still trying to figure out the best way to slick edges and make them last for the whole day (FYI: I am using Eco styler gel).  I am still moisturising and sealing my ends. During weeks 3 and 4, I will be doing a co-wash with Aussie Moist once a week.

Up close of the edges.

For week 5, I really don't want to go back to the wig...thinking about some crochet braids. Actually, hoping that my income tax comes through and I can get some box braids put in.

Until next week...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Facets of Fuchsia: Fail

In my mind, there are very few nail polishes that don't look good on my nails or with my skin. I saw this polish on another blogger's website and decided to give it a try. Normally, when I search for polishes in stores they never have it and I end up getting it online. Well, not this time. I was actually able to find Facets of Fuchsia by Revlon at my local Target.  I couldn't wait to try it!

I just knew that it would look great on my nails. Boy, was I wrong. I tried the polish on and it went on really sheer for it to be a black base with fuchsia hexagon glitters. After the third coat, I finally got some color pay off.

It was something about the color that was Or if it was the length of my nails, but to me it just did nothing for me. This might just be a polish that I wear on my toes. The formula is too watery for me and the color isn't what I thought that it would be. And it has the nerve to chip easily. I don't know if you can see it, but its kind of blotchy looking with the black underneath.

For me, Facets of Fuchsia was a fail =( Maybe I will try the Deborah Lippman one and see if its any better.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Most people see it as a day off, while others see it as a day to celebrate how far we have come. My father, who lived through the depression, civil rights movement, and finally to see a black president often speaks about Martin Luther King Jr and the impact that he had (and still has) on the African American population. When my dad speaks of the inter-workings of the civil rights, I find it hard to imagine what it was like in the south back then. Even though we still face some of the same prejudices as we did years ago. We, as African Americans, have come along way, but there are so many other trails and paths to be blazed. I hate to say it, but I see no one in my generation making an impact like Dr. King has.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spiritual Sunday

Recently, I have been visiting several different churches and I find that each one of them feed my soul in different ways. For instance, my mother's church (and the church that I attend regularly) focuses more one teaching and educating. While some of the other churches that I have gone to are more about the show. I feel like I need to have a good balance of both. I know that there are churches out there that focuses on both, but I think that I focus better at my mother's Church without all of the show. Now when I say 'show', I mean churches that are larger, perhaps they have more extensive music department, maybe there is more of an agenda that they follow. So many times I will talk to friends that go to church and I 'll ask them what was the message today. They'll answer vaguely. And follow it up with 'but the men's choir was sangin' this morning.'

Which do you prefer: churches that teach or those that put on more of a show? When choosing a church, which is more important to you?

Friday, January 13, 2012

No! Not Panera!

My mother called me and asked me did I hear? Hear about what? Your favorite place, Pangora Bread. My mother, who is in her 60's, is actually pretty hip and stays up with current events. Hey, she told me about Beyonce's baby before I even knew about it. I asked her what she was talking about and she went on to talk about a lawsuit stating that Panera Bread was bias against 'fat, black and ugly people'.

Here in Pittsburgh, I can't really say that I noticed the person behind the counter that was taking my order. But after I thought about it, I never remember a black person working at any Panera that I went to. Mind you, I just ate from there a couple of days ago.

After her questioning me about if I seen it on facebook, or the news, she ended the conversation with are you still going to eat from there?

My answer: I don't know.

Read the full article here.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Tidbit...

One of the most anticipated thing to happen since the birth of Blue Ivy...The Return of 30 Rock! I know, corny! But its one of my favorite shows and I missed it. I even planned a special meal to curl up with and watch it! Bad news is that its supposed to be the last season of 30 Rock =( Sigh. The good thing is that all of the old episodes are brand new to me because I just got put on the show a year ago.

Nothing on TV tonight? Check out 30 Rock on NBC 8pm est.

Sidenote: Only because this pertains to TV, I watched the premier of The Game and I feel like it was lackluster. Sigh. Hopefully, it will get better this season.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chicken Pot Pie

This Sunday I cooked dinner, but I wanted to make something that I had never made before. I was searching the Internet and I found something for chicken pot pie. I had everything on had--except for pie crusts. I went out brought some and this is what I came up with.

Looks good right?!?! Well, it tastes even better! I loosely followed the recipe listed here on the Pillsbury website. The two main differences were I made my own chicken broth/stock from when I cooked the my chicken breast and I brushed the pie crust with egg wash. I couldn't believe how easy and good this came out.  Most definitely something that I will keep in mind during these cold winter months...even though it was like 50 degrees today.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Weight Watchers...

Alright, its the second week of 2012 and I haven't lost a pound or changed my eating habits or went to the gym. I am seriously contemplating going on Weight Watchers. Could it be that Jennifer Hudson has swayed me to joining Weight Watchers?!?! Possibly. I think that went it comes to food, I need a little of coaching. I could give it a try since its free to join.

Tried Weight Watchers and had success? Let me know. Weight Watchers did nothing for me! Tell me that, too!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spiritual Sunday...

What version of the bible do you use? Recently, when I went to church, I pulled out my trusty bible to recite the verse along with the rest of the congregation, but I found that I have the New International Version. All of the pastors use the King James Version.

Call me crazy, but its so much easier for me to understand the New International Version rather than the King James Version. I need it watered down a little bit for me; but I don't want it to read like a novel. Maybe, if I decided to read the bible from cover to cover, I would get that version. (Can you tell that I don't know the name of it, lol!)

Seek good, not evil, that you may live. Then the LORD God Almighty will be with you, just as you say he is. Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts. Perhaps the LORD God Almighty will have mercy on the remnant of Joseph.” Amos 5:14-15 TNIV

Be Blessed!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


What would you do if you were dating someone and you find out that they have HIV/AIDS but they never told you? Would you pursue legal actions?

Let's say the shoe was on the other foot, would you tell your partner that you have HIV/AIDS?

My answer may surprise you...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Protect Ya Ends Challenge: Week I

As I stated in an earlier post, I have joined the Protect Ya Ends Challenge on Black Girl, Long Hair website. Well, all I did was join, I didn't read all of the directions or anything. Typical me. I did read that challenge rules and I can follow that, but here is some other pertinent information.

Starting Stats: Currently transitioning. When straighten, my hair is past shoulder length. I have been transitioning for over a year, but have suffered severe heat damage, which is making the process longer. I would love to BC after this challenge, but I'll have to see how much growth I have. Oh, I currently do not have a regimen in place since I was getting my hair washed and flat ironed at a salon for almost a year.

Plan of Attack: I plan on actually using a calender to plan out how to wear my hair and to keep me on track. Right now, I am wearing a wig and probably will continue to wear this one for at least another 3 weeks. After that, I plan on bunning (with synthetic hair) for a week. And then either another wig or possible some crochet braids. I am still planning and checking my finances. Right now, I am currently washing every two weeks. This week, I did a co-wash because my hair was feeling a little dry. I use the Shea Moisture products for moisture and I co-washed with Aussie Moist. So far, so good.

A picture: I hate taking pictures and I don't have a good camera right now...but here it is.

 Danika human hair lace front wig
Note: My hair is in plaits under the wig protected by a wig cap

Words of Wisdom

Pinned Image

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What's a Single Sistah To Do?

So, I got an unexptected text message from a dude that stood me up about two weeks ago. It reads (clearing my throat):

Happy New Year! I want to apologize if I over reacted over something so small. I really felt you didn't want to be bothered and you were going just cause. I was thinking about you and I had to say this, I would like another chance for us to go out as friends. Oh this is [MB] just in case you deleted my number.

I let him wait, and honestly didn't know if I wanted to respond at all. I was contemplating for hours.

He then texts back about 8 hours later:

So I take that as a No

I play it cool becase I am over it. Honestly, I don't know what the reason was that he stood me up, but from the text that he sent to me, he obviously doesn't know why either.

Ugh! What's a single sistah to do??!?!?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Jill Scott: So Gone (What My Mind Says)

Just listen to the first minute of this video to find out the story behind the song. Crazy.

Now listen to the lyrics of the song and peep the video below.

By the way, I am really feeling Jill Scott's make-up and hair. She has beautiful skin and her weight loss is coming along nicely. I've always been a Jill Scott fan!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year! I must say that I am so glad to see another year and to have 2011 be a distant memory. I went to church today and the message was Don't Look Back! And that is exactly what I am going to do--not look back.

Moving right along, this year I have joined a couple of challenges. The first one being the 31 Day Reset Your Life Challenge. I have started a page that will have all of my thoughts and exercises written down. All of the details and link will be on the page so be sure to check it out.

Also, I am participating in two more challenges. The Protect Ya Ends challenge on Black Girl, Long Hair website. I will doing protective styles for the next three months. I really honestly think that after the three months, I may just BC (big chop). I just want to be free from these horrible relaxed ends. Oh yeah, and the heat damage! Another challenge that I am participating in is more of a personal challenge regarding my finances. I am challenging myself to save money by only eating out twice a month! If you only knew how much I spend on eating out a week. It's not that much, but an extra $80 biweekly would help a sistah out! I just want to start being more financially responsible and save as much as possible.

Ok, so on to some resolutions! I really don't have too many. Alot of them are already outlined in my 360 in 365, which I currently working on accomplishing by June 18th 2012. I will add these to the list as well:

  • Build better relationships and start some new ones! This pertains to family, staying in touch with my friends who don't live near me, and start some new relationships (especially with the opposite sex)
  • Go to at least 2 concerts. I really miss going to concerts and this year I hope to go to at least two.
  • Stop sweating the small stuff. Easier said than done.
  • Keep my eyes open for new opportunities and excel at my current position.
  • Go to Cafe Notte. There is a new place that is open by my house that I have been dying to go to. I am willing to go by any means possible--even alone.
Not too many resolutions this year, but I do have alot to accomplish in my 360 in 365.There will be more updates coming with the challenges and resolutions. I'm glad that I don't have to work in the morning cause it's getting late! Night Night!

Edit: After posting this, I realized that I forgot one important resolution--Learn to Sew! My mother is claiming that she has a sewing machine on layaway that she wasn't able to get out by Christmas. I am excited to learn and see what I can make. And I have really been inspired to get crafty with all of the youtube videos and things that I see on pinterest.