Friday, September 16, 2011

Relationship Guru: Love and Other Drugs

There is nothing that can fix a broken heart. I find that music is one of the best ways to get over a lost love. Below are a few songs from a playlist that has helped me mend my broken heart and kick my ‘narcotic’ habits.

Where do the Good Go by Tegan and Sara
Alright, not quite R&B, or blue-eyed soul for that matter, but the message is the same. I discovered this song while working at The Gap. Tune out the beat, and their mundane voices and what are you left with? Poignant lyrics.

Where do you go with your broken heart in tow? What do you do with a leftover you? How do you know when to let go? Where do the good go?

No Happy Holidays by Mary J. Blige

The Queen of Hip Hop Soul in her earlier days in every woman’s CD player at one time or another. I could have a whole CD posted up here, but I chose one her lesser-known songs: Happy Holidays. For any of you that have ever been ‘the only other woman’ this song is for you.

Half-Crazy by Musiq

Ok, this may be one of my favorite songs, but when I was going thru it I just put in on repeat and let it play. There were times when I felt like I was going half-crazy. Not doing my hair, dressing like a bum, not eatin’, and slingin’ snot. Don’t no body know how I feel but Musiq!

Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin

Classic. Not something that you would expect to be on my playlist, but there is something about this song that just relieves the stress of the break-up. It’s like after you have accepted it, yeah he got a piece of my heart, just go ahead and break it, go on n!gga take it! You are at your angry black woman stage at this point.

Enough. Listening to Broken Hearted on Rhapsody. Check it out!

Got your own brokenhearted playlist? Share it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cuddle Buddies...

Today is, as my assistant would say, good cuddle-buddy weather. As much as I hate to admit it, he’s right. The weather has cooled down, you can wear your favorite scarf, leaves are slowly falling and there is the autumn chill in the air. This is one of those days where curling up with a hot bowl of soup and crusty bread can only do but so much for a woman. There is something about lying with a man, in your favorite PJ’s, with your super soft throw that’s just peaceful. You don’t have to worry about your hair or makeup. Simple Carmex and a ponytail will suffice.

My lack of a cuddle-buddy makes me wonder…Where are all the cuddle-buddies at?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Relationship Guru?! Who Me?

Without having a successful relationship in life, thus far, recently I have found myself being a relationship guru for some of my friends. It seems like everyone wants to talk to me, ask me my opinion, or spill their heart out to me. Don’t get me wrong, there are very few things that I haven’t experienced while being in a relationship. Some of the experiences I only share with certain people or when there is a need to illustrate and relate to them. Then, there are those relationship experiences that I keep to me, myself, and I.

I think that one of the main reasons why friends chose to confide in me is because of my unbiased opinion of the situations. Or it could be because I am good listener. I try to listen more than I talk. Now, there are those times when I get a little bogged down with everyone else’s problems and just want to vent about what I have going on. Which brings me to this, as of this current moment, I am very much single and celibate so I don’t have a lot of relationship baggage with me. I am comfortable with who I am. So, when people tell me about their relationship problems I’m not the friend that is jealous because one of my friends have a man and I don’t . I’m not the friend constantly telling them to leave them alone, because I have been there before and most importantly I don’t want their man for myself. Maybe it is because when I was in f’ed up relationships all of my friends were there for me and this is just payback. Whatever the reason, I’ll enjoy my time as a self-proclaimed relationship guru.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Forever Grateful.

As I sit here going between Good Morning America: 9/11 and 102 Minutes That Changed America, there are tears that are slowly rolling down my cheeks. The horrific 911 calls of people desperately trying to get help; the stores of the jumpers, who would rather fall 70 floors than perish; and the images of frantic people. I can't help but get emotional.

I remember that morning. I was in my room getting ready for class when there was breaking news of a plane hitting the world trade center. My mouth hung open as I heard the news. I hate to admit it, but I thought about using this as a reason to get out of going to class. I thought about all of my classmates who were from New York, still had family living there, even working in Manhattan. Moments later, word of a plane hitting the Pentagon broke. Then the news that hit closest to home, Flight 93, just 150 miles away, apparently high jacked, crashed into a field in Shanksville. At this point fear took over.

Although today, I shed about the same amount of tears that I did 10 years ago, its apparent that the same feelings and emotions still hold true after all this time. My mind still wonders what could have possibly be done to stop this? Are we any safer now than 10 years ago? Did a plane really hit the towers? Was the government behind this, and using this as a way to start a war? Was this prophesied in the bible? So many unanswered questions. Today many of these questions are still unanswered, people have their theories and beliefs. We, as Americans, are on high alert of anyone with an Arab/Muslim sounding name, the man sitting next to you on the plane with a Sunni, dressed in a garb.

Ten years ago, America and our lives were changed forever.

My heart goes out to all of the men and woman who lost their lives. We'll Never Forget.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Procrastination is like Masturbation...

So, its Saturday night and I am sitting here writing a post about 'Procrastination being like Masturbation' and looking at my guilty pleasure Awkward. How did this all start? Well, back in college, during one of those hazy nights that involved Barcardi 151 in the all boys dorm, I came across a sheet of paper posted on the wall. It said: Procrastination is like Masturbation, you always end up getting screwed. Not quite Langston Hughes, but poetic, none the less.

Which brings us to this. A Saturday night when I thought that thought that I would be at the movies falling asleep or pretending to be into whatever movie that I would be watching with a dude that I really don't trust. Whew, that was a mouthful. Not that I would have ended up getting screwed by him at the end of the night (see celibacy vlog coming soon), but he probably would have tried. Where are all the good men at???!?!?!? Sigh.

Anyway, instead of doing something on the 360 in 365 list, or at least researching to attempt to cross something off of that list, I decided to check out random Youtube videos on knitting. Yeah. That's right, knitting. For what? I am not sure. I think that its just another way for me to procrastinate in doing what I need to do. I really don't need to know how to knit...I need to perfect my calligraphy, so that I can possibly make some extra money by doing it. After watching the video on Youtube, I actually contemplated driving to Wal-Mart and get some knitting supplies. Now, there are a million other things that I need and should be doing, including work for my job, finishing my Limited application, washing clothes, cleaning up, and the list can go on and on.

In the end of not doing anything really today, I will end up getting screwed on Monday night when I am trying to finish all of the work for my job, wash clothes, clean up for the week, and all of the other miscellaneous things that I should have done today with my free time.

This post has nothing to do with masturbation

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Night Beauty...

Alright, its Friday! And I am so glad that its the weekend. Wait, its a 3 day weekend! Not to copy off of QVC's Friday night beauty segment called 'Friday Night Beauty', but I decided to relax and unwind with my own homemade beauty treatments. There is nothing better than having a PMS pizza (Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Sausage), a full night of TLC's 'Why am I not married, but when I do I want a dress/wedding/party like that' shows, and youtube videos filled with useless knowledge and ideas.

Up first: Blackhead Elimination

So, if you search how to get rid of blackheads, you will find 1000's of videos of how to get rid of them. I chose the method that involves two things: toilet paper and egg whites. I always have toilet paper, and of course I still have eggs from that whole lemon bar fiasco.
All you have to do it is beat the egg whites until frothy. Apply to face or areas you would like to de-blackhead. Apply toilet paper and more egg whites until it sticks to your face. Easy right.

The results: Now, if you like the Biore Pore Perfect strips, then you may like this method. It doesn't hurt as bad, but I am not sure about the effectiveness of it. I would say that it is a milder form of what the Biore strips can do. Can I see and feel a difference? Yeah! I can even see some of the blackheads on the toilet paper, but you can really see the oil. I think that with continued use, this will definitely make a difference in the amount of black heads and your skin.

Next: Milk and Honey Face Mask

I am a lover of all things milk and honey. I think that it makes me feel like Cleopatra. Anyway, another one with two ingredients: milk and honey. Mix it together and it will look like this:

Apply to face and wait. While I am waiting I am enjoying my 4th--yes, 4th--slice of PMS pizza, and an all new episode of 'Four Weddings. Here are some thoughts that are running thru my head...

Awwh, that was a cute idea.

Dang, cuz, not you too! Argh!

I need to get my necklace cleaned.

My eyebrows need done.

This actually tastes good (the mask that is).

I'm going to apply for the Limited. (Off to the Limited site)

I want to play the pregnancy game on facebook. Wait, I never post status'...I just lurk ;)

Its like he is reading my mind...

These Target back to school commericals are funny! Denim, backpacks, denim. Ha!

I miss writing commercials. I need to take a proofreading class...I suck at that.

My ponytail weighs like 3lbs...seriously.

Screw this, I'll finish this application tomorrow.

The results: After 34 minutes, a good wash with some Cereve cleanser, a healthy dose of Este Lauder Night Serum (new for me), it was like a new face. When I rinsed it off, I could feel the difference in my skin. It was super soft and had sort of a 'glow' about it. I really got the full effect after washing it with my face wash. Wow! How can two things, mixed together, have such and impact on my skin?!?!? This will be a bi-weekly ritual for me...if I have milk in the house.

Overall: These will be in my rotation. Normally, I am pretty simple with my skin care regime but these things can definitely make a guest appearance every other week.