Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Migraines...

[image]I called off of work today because lately I have been having some serious migraines. While in college, I had a short bout with them and was prescribed Imitrex to help relieve the pain. I stopped taking this and all of the medicine that they prescribed because of the way that it made me feel; mainly, all loopy, floppy, sleepy, and lethargic.

I believe that the ones that I have been experiencing for the past week or so are due to stress. It's been so much with work, planning and helping people out with different things, the weather, and just stress in general that I cannot think of anything else that have been causing this. I also believe that it also has something to do with my hormones. I have stopped taking Vitex and started taking Dong Quai. In a prior post, I talked about stopping taking birth control and trying something more natural, Vitex, to regulate my periods. I took if for the recommended amount of time, and gave myself a break. Since I was unsuccessful with Vitex, I decided to try something a little stronger. I am giving Dong Quai a try for at least 8 weeks. I am also going to up the dose and see if that will help with keeping my periods regular.
As for the migraines, all I can do is just hope for the best. I took a couple of over the counter migraine pills and rested.

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