About Me


The older I get the more I start to hate technology and what its done to communication as we know it.

Recently, I have discovered that I don't like, can't stand mayo...or pineapple. Ewh!

I am currently obsessed with YouTube videos. From them, I can do the perfect manicure and brought several things that I don't think that I will ever use.

My favorite show is Awkward. Really, its a good show.

I love fall days, soup, men and a super-soft throw.

I have a lazy eye. I got surgery to correct it 11 years go, but I think that I might have to get it done again. Just one of my perfect imperfections.

I wish that I could live in every major US city for 6 months, but still keep my job here in PA.

Management isn't all that its cracked up to be. In public housing its social work.

I hate the fact that I am growing away from my friends.

I'm tired of being single. Why is love so hard to find?

People think that they know me, but they have no idea.

I have a vision board...well picture frame...that is displayed by my bed. So far, it's not really working

Aside from 'The Help', Redeeming Love is one the best books that I have read thus far this year.

Driving is so not my thing. A co-worker descibed me as the worst driver he's ever been in the car with. I think that I have an anxiety when people are in the car with me.

My past haunts me at times.

I am trying to regain my creativity.

I think that I want to open a nail shop. Just a thought.

Anything else, just ask.