Monday, June 8, 2015

Exciting News and New Posts!

I know its been a while, but I have been too busy and going through some personal issues. Let's get right to it!

I'm a brand ambassador! About a year ago, I went to a natural hair meet up and found a replacement for my beloved Qhmet Biologics Alma & Olive Heavy Cream: Carmella Marie Hair Crack (now called Treasure). I fell in love with this product! It was exactly what my dry, 4C natural hair needed.  Later that year, me and my curlfriend went to a Let's Talk Hair Expo in Youngstown, OH and had a great time. While browsing through my emails, I saw a email for brand ambassadors for Carmella Marie. Immediately, my mind went to me shooting to YouTube and Instagram fame with thousands of followers. Well, not really. I know social media will have people endorse any company for financial gain or social media fame. Not the case for me. This is truly a company that I can stand behind the products and most importantly supporting small, black owned business, so be on the lookout for product reviews, giveaways, and new posts.

 Speaking of giveaways, to help kick off the Carmella Marie Brand Ambassador program, we are hosting a 10 day challenge with the chance to win free Carmella Marie Hair products! My challenge consists of trying something new for 10 days. Its easy! It can be anything, a new recipe, workout, food, hair product, hair style, book, the list can go on. Follow me on Instagram @mzkarameldee for more details!

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