Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Three reasons I stopped making my own hair products.

I remember theI first time I attempted to go natural in 2004, my friend and I were only able to find one company that specialized in products for natural hair. Carol’s Daughter. That was it. After hours of research on forums (pre-Youtube days), we decided to try our hand at making our own hair products. Several trips to whole foods, which for us was about an hour away in the city, avocado,three different oils, raw honey, egg, banana, coconut milk and a blender and we had a all natural deep conditioner which we split between us. Fast forward two more natural hair transitions attempts--one unsuccessful, one successful--and 10 years, these are my reasons why I stopped making my own hair products.

#1-They are widely available and cost effective.

Back before the natural hair boom, there were very few products available on the ground. Now, you can go into just about any store and get quality, all natural hair products. Starting from scratch, you could spend $20 making your own deep conditioner. Since everything that you are using are all natural, once your mix it, you have about two to four weeks to use it even with it being in the refrigerator. If you desire a more customized conditioning treatment, you can add hibiscus powder, cassia, and the list can go well as the price going up. Each of these add in can add anywhere from $5-$15 on to your conditioner.

#2-It saves Time

If your wash day is like mine, then time is of the essence. Between hot oil treatments, detangling, washing, deep conditioning, detangling, LOC’ing, and styling the last thing on my mind is making a deep conditioner, shea butter mix, or revitalizing spritz. Between the cutting, measuring, and breaking out the Vitamix, mixing and clean-up...I’ll pass.

#3-They do it better

Naturals know what their hair likes and what it does not like. Although we know, glycerine isn’t for me or my hair hates coconut oil, and that the 2012 version of TRESseme conditioner is way better than the new version. Many of the businesses that specialize in natural hair products study formulas and chemistry that just, well, work for hair. It’s their passion and they work on perfecting their product to do exactly as described. Not to mention that you will try ingredients that you may not have heard of or thought that your hair loves like rhassoul clay and mango butters. Many feature certified organic ingredients and natural preservatives that make your products last longer than if you made them yourself.

Bonus:#4-It Supports Small Businesses

Many of the online stores that I patronize are small, women owned businesses! Your dollars go farther than just that $12 whipped shea butter mix or flaxseed gel, you are building the economy and supporting another sistas dream with your purchase.

In a future post, I will share with you the one hair product I still make myself. What’s your thoughts? Are you a DIY’er or a Buyer?


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