Monday, August 13, 2012

Me and Thrift Stores...No More

Alright, its all the rage on youtube, blogs, everywhere to shop in thrift and consignment stores. Call me paranoid, but I am terrified of what I might bring home (i.e. bedbugs). Not to mention, I hardly ever find anything except for shoes. I am fortunate that I live in an area were people who have a little more money live and give away good stuff all of the time. There are two great stores near me: Red, White, and Blue RT. 65 and Goodwill on McKnight Rd. But even when I take the chance and go, I never find anything.

I often wonder 'Did you really get that at the Thrift store, or did you just buy it from somewhere?'. I cannot help but think that you were able to find a pair of Gucci Shades for $5, when the only thing that I could find was a pair of leopard wedges for $4---that's not even name brand.

I am not saying that I am totally against going to Thrift stores, but it's not going to be my first choice for getting clothes and other items. I feel like there are so many stores that have great deals out there, that I'll take my chances there first.  For instance, I found this shirt dress at Kmart for $17.
Attention Geometric Shirt Dress

This is too cute, affordable, perfect for fall, unique, and easy to match with a million things. I don't have to worry about finding it, loving it, and darn it, not my size.

If you want to shop at Thrift stores, go for it! A couple of tips that I have learned along the way. Wash everything! So many times you just want to wear whatever it is that you get. No No. Even the stuff with tags get washed. For shoes, always spray with Lysol just to kill any foot fungus that might be hiding out in there. If you are scared of taking home [bed] bugs, put all items in a bag, close tightly, sit the bag out in the sun for a couple hours. Afterwards, spray with a bug spray and shake out clothes or take the items immediately to a Laundromat and wash with hot water (if possible, depending on fabrics).

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