Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Thoughts

New month, random thoughts. Consider this like my month end review.

I have been loving my crockpot!

I thought that the song Stevie J wrote was great for Mimi...not the lease bit romantic, but who knew he could sing.

I got to listen to this Frank Ocean album and see what all the hype is about.

Recently, I have been planning *in my mind* my wedding and baby shower

I am going start asking boldly for things. Just randomly pulling up at drive thrus and yelling my order.

Spring cleaning wasn't enough, I need to do end of the summer cleaning.

H&M is killing my pockets...along with Nordstroms.

Where did all of this money come from? Not sure. But I am so proud that I brought my parents a new mattress--in cash!

I would rather poke my eyes out than do this budget for work...which is why I am writing this post (:

I hate when people make their smiley faces this way (:

I've been thinking about making a emergency survival kit...seriously.

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Dermal piercings keep popping into my head.

Magic Mike

(poke) Doorbell!

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