Friday, January 25, 2013

Clean Eating Update!

As I sit here eating spaghetti and chicken breast...don't judge me...I decided to make a post about clean eating and how has it been going. In a nutshell, its a process and I do not eat completely clean all of the time. I have eating 'unclean' twice that I can think of and I felt guilty every time. The one thing that I have to do when eating clean is plan. PLAN! If you do not plan out your means, you will be tempted to just eat out. I make mine out for all seven days, and stick to it.I have made several trip to Whole Foods for random items. It seems like every weekend I am making the 20 minute ride to Whole Foods for raw honey, tea, whole grain, spouted bread, and bison burgers--two of these items I couldn't manage to shell out the money or bring myself to buy--so I just window shop. I think that in my mind everything at Whole Foods is clean, when that isn't the case. It all boils down to reading labels...which I do alot now.

 I have tried some new recipes: one good, one bad. The good...Oatmeal Bars!

These amazing oat bars which are so easy to make! They are perfect for these cold winter mornings here in Western PA. I think that it took all of 20 minutes to put together and about 25 minutes to cook. Click here for recipe.

The Bad: Clean Reuben Sandwich from eating clean magazine

No picture necessary; its just sour, nasty, tasteless rachetness on two perfect pieces of rye bread. Ewh! Fear not, there are more posts about clean eating coming soon!

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