Sunday, January 20, 2013

Late Nights & Random Thoughts...

I'm up at approximately 12:06am. Write this one down. Since my hours changed at work, I have been getting to sleep at 10:30-11 at the latest-to be sure that I am up to be on time. I told someone at my job that I feel like I'm a part of an elite team of workers who are up when its still dark and on the road when its still dark. Then my maintenance aide reminds me that he's up at 4:30am. [Egg on my face].

 Maybe its delirium but my mind is running wild and this is what I am thinking:

DJango [the J is silent] was a good movie. Those three hours just flew by.

I went to test drive a car and the dude was amazed that my current car passed inspection with a serious wide-eyed look, sitting on the edge of his seat like I was about to tell him the secret Coca Cola recipe, lol! He asked again, because he really wanted to know. He then proceeded to tell me that I really needed a new car and offered $1250 for the Yota.

I need some new UK artists to listen to. These are the times that I miss working at the GAP because I find out about new artists. If you know of any, let me know!

I cheated on eating clean, but I really feel bad about it.

I need to make a wish list.

My life is like a sitcom...or reality show.

I am torn between doing what I am told, what's right, and standing up for what I believe. I worry about the consequences, but it so wrong what they are doing. Since this pertains to my job, I will not go into details, but pray for me.

Shrimp is my new obsession. I eat so many shrimp I got iodine poisoning [in my Pimp C voice].

The One That Got Away friended me on facebook...and he is married. How do I feel about this? Not too bad, but felt that I needed to mention it. He looks old anyway.

I want to sew an apron and a pair of high-waisted pants. Have to figure out how to read a pattern...and sew.

I could be taking down my tree instead of writing this post.

Blue eyeliner looks better than black on me, when I am going for a casual look.

Why am I not married yet?!?! This is so puzzling to me. Ugh! Patience, Kara.

I'm thirsty. Off to get water.

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