Monday, August 1, 2011

My Beloved Borders...

I thought that I had seen it on the news, but until I rode pass and seen the 'Store Closing' signs, that is the only way that I knew it was true: Borders is going out of business. Since moving to this side of town, I had the pleasure of living near a Borders and over this pass year I've grown accustomed to taking an hour out of my hectic day to just browse the selves. I loved the fact that I could get the greatest hot chocolate, ever, and its gone! All gone! Darn this recession!
Why let a good thing go to waste? I went to the store with the intentions of just browsing and not really buying. Well, one cookbook lead to another, and another, and a book on Calligraphy and a super cute address book. Sigh. I didn't mean to spend $21, but it just happened some how. There wasn't really sales going on, per say, 20% isn't that much, but I felt like if I waited then I would miss out. I mean, the place was already a mess from people riffling through, so its just a matter of time before there is nothing left on the shelves but The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. Which by the way, is a real book there.

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