Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Welcome to the Good Life!

My cousin wanted to go out to the premier spot in Pittsburgh, Savoy. All of my other friends have been there before, except me. We went out for dinner and this is a review my experience.
Food: How can I put this nicely...I've had better. I got the Chicken and Waffles with corn pudding and spinach. The chicken was your typical buttermilk chicken fried to a golden brown, nothing really special. I will say that the corn pudding--although it was only a teaspoon--was great! The spinach was just that, spinach. I couldn't say that they flavors or taste of the food was something that I had never experienced before. And since I didn't even mention the waffles, that goes to show you how memorable they were. My bill was $42.90 (yikes!)

Music: There is a restaurant part (lower floor) and there is the lounge area (upstairs). I'm not really sure who the DJ was, but he was spinning the hits! I think there was different music on each floor. It was mainly hip hop and R&B being played.

Drinks: I am not big on drinking, but I did partake in a beverage. I got the Tropical martini. It was sweet, fruity, and went down smooth. And after the owner brought us a round, they tasted even better. Without the complimentary round the average drink is $12. This most definitely is a place that you either sip slow or go to Art's before or after.

Ambiance: I will admit that I thought that the place would be bigger than what I actually seen on TV. It's more of a long, narrow space, not expansive. The place is decorated very nice, its clean, and has a modern look and feel to it. But, the lounge is another story. It was very hard to get around due to the bar, couches, and VIP area. We went on a Saturday night and there was barely room to move around in the lounge area. You cannot dance; there is no designated dance floor.

Overall Experience: I had a good experience. The food is way overpriced, as well as the drinks.The service is excellent. They offer valet, so you don't have to worry about finding parking in the strip or walking a long way in your killer heels. I would return there, but maybe for appetizers.

Outfit: Dress: H&M Tights: Fishnets from Target  Makeup: Naked Palette eyeshadow, MAC NW45 concealer, Mary Kay Bronze 2 face powder, ELF cream liner, Loreal million lashes in carbon black, Miliani Luminoso Blush, and last, but not least a dupe for Up the Amp, Covergirl Divine lipstick.

*Unable to post pictures due to not having permission from various person(s)

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