Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Relationship Guru: Whatever happened to just being friends?

Alright, so after the whole 'Just In Case: Take Care' ordeal, I am back out in the game! Well, kinda. I recently linked back up with a friend. He found me on facebook, we exchanged numbers, and have been taking ever since. Recently, he has been asking me some questions that lead me to believe that he wants a lil' more than just being friends.  Just the mention of marriage, kids, relationships makes me a uncomfortable. While texting one another, he asks me if I can possibly see a relationship with him? Do I find him attractive? Ok, let me just give ya'll the back story. We met like 15 years ago. We really don't know one another, never dated, and I haven't seen him in person in years?  I asked him where did this come from? He said that he was just curious because he can see himself being in a relationship with me. Yeah, me. Slightly-broken-and-bitter-celibate-easily scared away-with-the-mention-of-commitment-on-the-fence-about-wanting-kids-me.

I am not saying that it would never happen with him, but we haven't even hung out together to see if its something that would even happen. I'm not really sure where this all came from. I think that its funny when a guy shows that they are vulnerable just like women, and I am starting to hear about it more and more from different guys.

Whatever happened to just being friends with someone...taking things slow?

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