Monday, October 8, 2012

Negative Natural Hair Reactions...

Originally, I wanted to do this post as a vlog, but my Iphone was acting a mess and the lighting was horrible. You never know how hard it is to make a video until you try to do it yourself. YouTube makes it look easy.

The first week of me being natural was hard. I'll admit it. There is nothing to be ashamed of. I am dealing with completely new hair texture, length, styles, everything. I tried a couple of different styles, but there were so many things against me--including rain/humidity, which equals frizz and afro-like texture no matter what. So, the first day I wore a twist out, which I thought looked fine. The look on the co-workers face was like 'What is going on with her hair?!?!' Normally, she'll comment and say, 'Your hair is cute.' On this particular day, that wasn't the case. There were no words needed.

The next day, I went down to the central office and one of my superiors asked me if I did my hair like that 'intentionally'. Then he proceeded to question me about why I did my hair like that. Then he stared at it for period of time, that made me slightly uncomfortable because he was really trying to analyze it.

Over the weekend, I didn't have time to wash my hair, but I decided to run to the mall and meet up with a friend. She seemed to like it...until she started to question me about it. Then today, I received a text message from her that stated 'U want to get ur hair done on Saturday, they are having a $20 for wash and set'. My initial reaction wanted to be like, 'Bleep are you getting your hair done? Why would you ask me some stupid bleep like that. If I wanted to get my hair done before I went out of town, I would! Ugh!'

All of these comments have really taken a hit to myself esteem. And even though, I get those bright spots where someone asks me about my hair or my mom says that she likes it. It takes time to master styles. You don't always just get it right. A twist out seems easy, until you have to do it yourself and the first day is cool, but the next days is ewwh. Its so hard not having a support system or anyone who actually knows how it feels, other than the people online. As much as I want to give up and go back to the creamy crack, I can't! My one day of a successful twist out or puff makes it all worth while. Also, showing the haters what I can do with my hair no matter what the texture, or making you want to have hair that is as thick as mine, isn't my goal, but it will sure feel good!

Sorry, this is just a rant, so it may not be really coherent.

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