Thursday, November 8, 2012

Natural Hair Update!

Hey Guys! Just an update on my natural hair and what's been going on with it. I think (crosses finger) that I have my twist out routine down! As you may or may not know, I am a avid Youtube video watcher and I came across Naptual85 twist out method. Its kind of like flat twisting, but its not. Watch her video and you see how she does it. It works for me because the thing that I still struggle with is the separating and fluffing of my twists. This method eliminates that process because your hair is already separated when you untwist em.

This is a picture of day 2 hair. It has started to get big.

No frizz, soft, still moisturized. Great results. Also, if found that my twist out lasted about 4 days looking nice and defined. I wore it for two more days, but it wasn't as defined or cute as it was prior to that. I am so excited about having 4 day hair, I don't know what to do! YAY!

This picture, I think was day 3. You can see that its fluffy looking, still soft, but still defined.

I achieved these results using Shea butter, Castor oil and Bioinfusion Curl Pomade . I re twisted at night. I only added additional product on days 4 and 5 because it was starting to feel dry on the ends. I would consider this a milestone for me. Also it looks like my hair grew a little bit. I'm not into length checks, but maybe in December I will do one since I will be 6 months post big chop.

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