Friday, March 1, 2013

My First Time...

So, after all of the great clean eating, I ate fast food out for the first time yesterday. I know, I know. I was coming home from my mother's house and I was so hungry that I didn't know what to do with myself...and I did the worst thing that a clean eater could do...go through a drive-thru. Gasp!

The one thing that anyone will tell you about clean eating is that you have to plan out your meals. If you don't you are bound to sway away from the clean eating plan. For the record, I have eaten out on the weekend, but I try to make the best possible choices that I possibly can without making it myself. For example, I have been eating Thai food about once a week. Why? Because I feel like the only thing that is really bad for me is the sauce that they use on it. I cut the portions in half and always opt for either shrimp or chicken. The basil chicken (or shrimp) is filled with vegetables and every place that I get Thai food from offers brown rice. I also ate a fish sandwich and fries one Friday from the local joint that we get sandwiches from Emil's. Side note: If you are in the Rankin/Braddock/Pittsburgh area, please get a fish sandwich from Emil's--so good!

I went to Burger King and got the following: Four (4) piece chicken nuggets and a Whopper Jr. with no mayo, add mustard. I am sure that there were other things that I could have gotten, but there wasn't anything that looked good. I'll be honest with you there aren't too many thing foods that excite me if I don't cook it myself. There is something about the challenge of eating clean that excites me. Trying new foods, putting things together that I normally wouldn't, and being perfectly content with eating what I have until its gone. Trust and Believe, that food wasn't great. It served its purpose, but it wasn't satisfying--at all. I'm back on the clean eating wagon--Don't worry!

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