Sunday, September 11, 2011

Forever Grateful.

As I sit here going between Good Morning America: 9/11 and 102 Minutes That Changed America, there are tears that are slowly rolling down my cheeks. The horrific 911 calls of people desperately trying to get help; the stores of the jumpers, who would rather fall 70 floors than perish; and the images of frantic people. I can't help but get emotional.

I remember that morning. I was in my room getting ready for class when there was breaking news of a plane hitting the world trade center. My mouth hung open as I heard the news. I hate to admit it, but I thought about using this as a reason to get out of going to class. I thought about all of my classmates who were from New York, still had family living there, even working in Manhattan. Moments later, word of a plane hitting the Pentagon broke. Then the news that hit closest to home, Flight 93, just 150 miles away, apparently high jacked, crashed into a field in Shanksville. At this point fear took over.

Although today, I shed about the same amount of tears that I did 10 years ago, its apparent that the same feelings and emotions still hold true after all this time. My mind still wonders what could have possibly be done to stop this? Are we any safer now than 10 years ago? Did a plane really hit the towers? Was the government behind this, and using this as a way to start a war? Was this prophesied in the bible? So many unanswered questions. Today many of these questions are still unanswered, people have their theories and beliefs. We, as Americans, are on high alert of anyone with an Arab/Muslim sounding name, the man sitting next to you on the plane with a Sunni, dressed in a garb.

Ten years ago, America and our lives were changed forever.

My heart goes out to all of the men and woman who lost their lives. We'll Never Forget.

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