Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Night Beauty...

Alright, its Friday! And I am so glad that its the weekend. Wait, its a 3 day weekend! Not to copy off of QVC's Friday night beauty segment called 'Friday Night Beauty', but I decided to relax and unwind with my own homemade beauty treatments. There is nothing better than having a PMS pizza (Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Sausage), a full night of TLC's 'Why am I not married, but when I do I want a dress/wedding/party like that' shows, and youtube videos filled with useless knowledge and ideas.

Up first: Blackhead Elimination

So, if you search how to get rid of blackheads, you will find 1000's of videos of how to get rid of them. I chose the method that involves two things: toilet paper and egg whites. I always have toilet paper, and of course I still have eggs from that whole lemon bar fiasco.
All you have to do it is beat the egg whites until frothy. Apply to face or areas you would like to de-blackhead. Apply toilet paper and more egg whites until it sticks to your face. Easy right.

The results: Now, if you like the Biore Pore Perfect strips, then you may like this method. It doesn't hurt as bad, but I am not sure about the effectiveness of it. I would say that it is a milder form of what the Biore strips can do. Can I see and feel a difference? Yeah! I can even see some of the blackheads on the toilet paper, but you can really see the oil. I think that with continued use, this will definitely make a difference in the amount of black heads and your skin.

Next: Milk and Honey Face Mask

I am a lover of all things milk and honey. I think that it makes me feel like Cleopatra. Anyway, another one with two ingredients: milk and honey. Mix it together and it will look like this:

Apply to face and wait. While I am waiting I am enjoying my 4th--yes, 4th--slice of PMS pizza, and an all new episode of 'Four Weddings. Here are some thoughts that are running thru my head...

Awwh, that was a cute idea.

Dang, cuz, not you too! Argh!

I need to get my necklace cleaned.

My eyebrows need done.

This actually tastes good (the mask that is).

I'm going to apply for the Limited. (Off to the Limited site)

I want to play the pregnancy game on facebook. Wait, I never post status'...I just lurk ;)

Its like he is reading my mind...

These Target back to school commericals are funny! Denim, backpacks, denim. Ha!

I miss writing commercials. I need to take a proofreading class...I suck at that.

My ponytail weighs like 3lbs...seriously.

Screw this, I'll finish this application tomorrow.

The results: After 34 minutes, a good wash with some Cereve cleanser, a healthy dose of Este Lauder Night Serum (new for me), it was like a new face. When I rinsed it off, I could feel the difference in my skin. It was super soft and had sort of a 'glow' about it. I really got the full effect after washing it with my face wash. Wow! How can two things, mixed together, have such and impact on my skin?!?!? This will be a bi-weekly ritual for me...if I have milk in the house.

Overall: These will be in my rotation. Normally, I am pretty simple with my skin care regime but these things can definitely make a guest appearance every other week.

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