Saturday, April 7, 2012

The 10 Commandements

So, its the night before Easter and I am hard at work doing the following:

Cleaning: I have so much stuff to get rid of that its not even funny! Don't get me started on laundry...that is the problem, I didn't
Cooking: On the menu ham, mac and cheese, and peach cobbler with homemade whipped cream.
Talking on the Phone: Just to friends, catching up.
Looking at TV: The 10 Commandments is on ABC. Possibly the longest movie ever, old as ever, but there is no better way to spend Easter Eve. Random: Did you know that Moses stuttered? I seen that last night on another show.

Today was a good day =) I got to spend time with family and some friends. Paid for my trip to Vegas, yeah!

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