Friday, April 6, 2012

I Tried So Hard To Love You...

When I went out last Friday, I decided to put on some make-up and since I was still participating in the Protect Ya Ends challenge, make-up was most definitely something that I need. There are my staple eyeshadows that I normally go to depending on how I am feeling and the look that I am going for. Normally, my two MAC eyeshadows or my Jessie's Girl pigment with Indianwood as the base. Last year, I got suckered in to buying the NAKED Palette by Urban Decay.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Ya'll I honestly tried so hard to love to love this palette, but I just couldn't. Where to start?! When I got it, I went to YouTube and looked at every tutorial that I could. I did the first look. Ok, wasn't too crazy. Nice for everyday. The second time, I tried something with more of a smokey blue eye look. Ok, this is different.

With no exaggeration, those are the only two looks that I can do with it. I mean, for me, every look that I try looks the same. I tried to do something with a little more pink and it looked like shimmer. Tried to do a look with more browns, looked like shimmer. A disclaimer, I used the primer potion--and a cream base. And don't get me started on the fallout and chunks of glitter. Now, it is a good buy for the amount of product that you get, but that is about the only thing that I can really think of that I loved about it.

Sigh. I tried so hard to love you Naked Palette by Urban Decay, but I think that its time for us to break up.

Oh yeah, and I tried my Viva Nicki lipstick and I wasn't really feeling it.....I looked slightly jigg-a-boo-like with it on. Yes, I looked at School Daze a couple days ago.

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