Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Drought: Men

'Its been 2 months since I've had a date. This is worst than the drought of 1989. And that was only because I was on vacation in Alabama and refused to date any one named Bookie, Junior, or Baby Brother.'
-Loosely Paraphrased from Regine on Living Single 'Baby I'm Back...Again'

Could I possibly be in drought?!?!? Or is just a chance for me to grow as a person until the right man comes along?

Either way I look at it, which I am trying to be optimistic here, its a drought. To be completely honest, I haven't had one since 19...umh, 1997. Yes, this is the longest that I have gone without having a boo, man, dude that I just kick it with.

Thinking about it, other than the dirtbag that conitinuously stood me up, I havent even so much as talked to a dude since then. No dates. No sex. No affection. No real prospects. Enough, that is almost depressing thinking about it.

So, I am in a drought. Its not the first time and I am sure that there has been some periods since 1997 that I've been in a drought, but I cannot remember them. I am taking this time to reflect on things in my life. For so many years, my life revolved around men and being around them. I was so submissive because I felt like I needed a man for various reasons. I would constantly go from one dude to another, sometimes more than one at a time, looking for something. Something that could possibly fill the void that I was missing. Hoping that the next dude would be the one.

This drought has given me some moments of clarity. I know what I am looking for in a mate and I am not so much willing to settle. But I must admit that I am waiting for it to rain. I mean a soaking rain that will come from no where, downpour, flash flooding. He said that he will and I know that its coming and it may be unexpected, but much appreciated.

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