Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Feeling inspired and slightly bored, I created this jewelery board. It's spring cleaning in my house and I have about a hundred accessories that were stuffed in bags, lying all over the place and just not being used because I didn't know what I have. After browsing a couple of pins, and taking a look at a couple of YouTube videos, I came up with what you see above: A Kara Dee Original!

It was super easy to do. Even though, I didn't have good scissors, or pins to correctly pin the placement of the fabric, it was finished in about a half hour. The cost including the cork board frame, fabric, ribbon, and push pins around $15.

With the left over fabric, I am going to make some button earrings for my mother and me. Well, actually it may be some gifts to friends, as well. I have a lot of fabric left over. Maybe I will dye parts of it so that everyone doesn't just get black and white earrings.

It felt so good to exercise my creativity and my mind making this jewelery board. Be on the lookout for other Krafts!

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