Monday, July 25, 2011

May I Suggest Mondays...

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love Mexican Food. So much so that I dedicate a whole day to it: Mexican Mondays. I have recently fell in love with Qdobas 'Craft 2'. Its the best of both worlds; a li'l of this, a li'l of that.

While sitting there enjoying my meal, which consisted of a chicken mango salad and two chicken tacos, I noticed something as I glanced around the restaurant. There were several people dining alone. There were 4 people, young professionals, dining alone. I thought that this was weird, but I had been there several times before and never noticed it until now.

For some of us single people who don't always want take out, eating out on Mondays may be the way to go. The restaurants are less crowded, so there isn't a real rush to finish your food; you don't really feel awkward because people are not gawking at you; and since there really isn't anything on TV, but Basketball Wives and Single Ladies, why not take yourself out on a date.

Date Myself Mondays has a nice ring to it...

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