Friday, February 24, 2012

Is It Worth It?

Designer Bags. Is it worth it to get the real thing? Or should you get a good quality replica? I have been debating on this one for a while. I have real Coach and Dooney purses, but when was the last time you seen a celebrity with one? Most celebrities go for the higher end, less noticeable, but always striking (in my opinion) bags. Some of my friends have real Louis Vuittons and Gucci bags, but when I think about the price...whoa! Now, its a recession, everybody broke [in my Jezzy voice], and shelling out $600 for a bag isn't in my budget, nor would I be able to justify spending that much without having 6 months of income in savings. Which brings me to this: The Alexander Wang Bag.

Real thing. Retail price: $875

Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag Black
The replica from made from real leather. Retail price: $149

Which one would you choose? I know which one that I'm going with.

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