Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Perfect Valentines Day...

In my life, I have had two really memorable Valentines Day's. I am not talking about going to dinner and then a hotel, but the really personal, memorable, and loving ones that will stick with you. At this current time, I do not have a significant other that I can share today with. But that is not going to stop me from using my imagination and make a perfect Valentines Day. This may give someone out there some great ideas on how to make their loves day a little more special.
Don't ask me how or when I became obsessed with log cabins, but I just am. I would love to spend a weekend in a log cabin in either New York or North Carolina. Why? I just think that the peace and quiet would be great time spend becoming more intimate with one another--not just physically. Once we arrive there we can explore our surroundings. Ok, let's just get this straight, by no means am I an outdoorsy type girl. Exploring the surrounding town, getting a meal at the local dinner, going to the spa together. Just relaxing, quality time spent.

Click here for the perfect luxury log cabin

Back to the cabin for a homemade dinner of surf and turf, wine and some music playing. Maybe a dip in the hot tub...Ok, you all know the rest.

Not Valentines Day 2012, but one in the near future I'm sure ;)

What's you perfect Valentines Day? What was your most memorable?

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