Wednesday, February 22, 2012


With income tax time in full swing, I have made a list of things that I want to buy with my refund...(cricket) after I pay off my credit card and make and extra payment on my student loans (cricket).

In no particular order:

Viva Glam a la Nicki Minaj. The color looks amazing and I want it! I wouldn't mind Pink Friday 4, but I think that there are several dupes out there.

Don't ask me why. I think that they would be cute with a nautical stripped shirt and red flats. Great in the summer with a tank and sandals. Just something different.

Image of Ramila Half Circle Studs

Unique, handmade, original earrings by Yumnah Najah. I'll always support small businesses. Check out the website for more fun jewelery.

Lately on YouTube and on a couple of blogs, I have been seeing The Diva Cup around. I think that this may be good investment for me. If you don't know about The Diva Cup, google it!


  1. I think I want the viva glam lippie too, i'm just not sure how it would look on my complexion

    1. I got it today!! It looks nice on me and I think that it would look nice on you, too. Its more coral in color to me, which I love. Try it before you buy it.