Saturday, March 31, 2012

Case of the Fridays...

Change. What more can I say. I am constantly trying something new, thinking of a new idea, trying to change something with myself, within myself, or my physical self. On Friday night, I came in from happy hour, which wasn't as happy as I remember it. Actually,  it was slightly boring. Yes, I did partake in a drink or two, nothing that would get me drunk. And I remember sitting there thinking that something has to change. This is so the normal Friday night. Why can't we change it up?!?!

It wasn't just the same hood dudes that were there, the monotonous music, the lack of stimulating conversation, but I just wanted a change. Something different. Is there anything wrong with that? I wanted to have a Friday night like I see in the movies or on tv. Just something different. I am just not feeling the normal. Yes, that happy hour that I went to wasn't just a normal happy hour, it actually had a purpose. Most of the proceeds benefited the charity of my friends choice.

Even in the midst of happy hour, I couldn't even enjoy it. My job stays on my mind and I am constantly on call. Crisis at the Site. Something has to change, and for the better.

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