Monday, March 5, 2012

Under the Weather...

One day, its 60 degrees. The next day its 3 inches of snow on the ground. Living in the last days, I tell ya...last days. So today, I am feeling waaaayyy under the weather! My throat is super sore, nose is slightly stuffed and I had  a fever. One of the good things about me being sick is that I normally get over it pretty quickly. As I type this blog post, with a cholorspetic melting away in my mouth, I am starting to feel better. I sound like crap, but feel better. The one thing that I hate about being sick is that I cannot taste food, or drink water or alot of liquids because of my throat being sore. Also my bronchial cleft cyst starts acting up. For those of you that may not know, its a small hole located on your neck somewhere that drains or leaks. Or it can just get get infected and create a lump/cyst. The type that I have drains (yay!) so when I am sick, my neck is constantly seeping a clear liquid. Ewh. I know, but its kinda like my body way of getting rid of whatevers in there and not just letting it fester and cause more problems. One of the downsides of having this is when I am eating it also drains due to my using my neck muscles, so I have to wipe my mouth...and neck...sometimes. It's one of my perfect imperfections: Find out more here

Enough. Watching this Shelia E Unsung...oh wait, then David Ruffin's comes on...Lata!

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