Thursday, July 5, 2012

Me and this Heat!

There is a heatwave going on in the Northeastern parts of the country...well, actually most of the country. As I sit here with ice cold watermelon in hand and my favorite show on, Awkward, I couldn't fathom typing anything. I don't want to wear clothing, so having a hot laptop near me is out of the question. So, I will not being posting anything until the following a) the heat breaks and its under 90 degrees b) I pay my $10 in fines and use the desktops at the library or c) a combination of a and b.

I know that they said that heat can cause delirium and the homicide rate is at an all time high when the temperature is over 90 degrees, but my juices have been flowing! Maybe its because I came back from vacation and well rested. Anywoo, here is a list of things to come!

  • Are black women angry? Is this the reason why so many of us are single? (I am actually doing some research on this)

  • Faith on my Foot

  • My Big CHOP!

  • Styling Senegalese Twists

  • My skincare regimen

  • Me and Online dating...again.

  • Currently Loving: Stud Earrings

  • Fall preview must haves

  • New websites that I have found with great deals

  • Fall Debt Diet....whoa!

  • And of course my most popular post, Spiritual Sundays

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