Thursday, July 19, 2012

Natural Deodorant Review...

My body chemistry is changing...and not for the best. I have been dealing with alot of changes with allergies, tastes, and smells. It's slightly frustrating when you cannot find a fragrance that smells good on you or vanilla makes you smell like garbage due to your body chemistry. One of the things that I have been experimenting with is deodorant. I have been prone to boils and cysts under my arms for about a year now. I used Degree deodorant for years and then all of a sudden irritation. Then came the boils, which I know doesn't come from deodorant, but it can trigger and irritate it.

I have been toying with the idea about going to a natural deodorant for a while now. I downgraded my deodorant to Dove, which works, but I just really wanted to go all natural. Well, I took the plunge and brought some from Chargrin Valley.

The first day that I used it was hard. I felt like you could really smell the essential oils in it but maybe it was just me. The second day, I was with my assistant and I told her that I was trying out a new deodorant and she told me that she doesn't wear any---at all! Cray. She stated that she looked into how they said that it was linked to breast cancer and just quit wearing it (not that she does anything at work anyway...but that is another story). I will admit, I heard these claims about causing breast cancer amongst other things and it swayed my decision about taking the plunge to go natural in my armpits.

It is now five days later and I am still chemical free under my arms! There are still some things that I have to get used to, like the oily feeling of it under my arms. The fear of it getting on my clothes, but hasn't stained anything. And one of the biggest things is that my arm pits will  not be completely dry. Now, let me just say that I started this while the temperatures were well into the 80's.

On the website, they state that your body chemistry has to get used to it.  And that's true, but I think that its worth a try.

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