Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Studs: How do I love the, let me count the pairs!

My newest obsession: Studs! I have brought a total of 7 pairs in the past couple of months. Every time I got to the store, I am on the search for some unique studs. I have no idea where this obsession came from; its more like a passion.

I brought the following:

Tiffany Studs-These are classic studs. When I put them in, I keep them in for a couple of days. I know what you are thinking, how could you sleep in them?!?! Well, I just do. They suggested that I don't, but its the only way that I will keep these $100 studs safe.

Lauren Conrad Studs-I LOVE these. They have a rose-gold finish to them, which goes really well with the necklace that I got from H&M. I think that these were under $10 when I brought them from Kohl's.

Silver Studs-I have these in as I type. They are my favorite and give me what I call 'the librarian look'; they are perfect for work. I am really thinking about getting them in white gold with better backs. The ones that I currently have are silver and they are starting to tarnish because I wear them so much. Also, the backs are constantly coming off of them. I got these from NY&Co. for an insanely low amount.

Charlotte Russe Pyramid Trio-I am not sure why I cannot get a picture of them, but its like the best of all worlds! My favorite are the pyramid ones. The antique gold look...cute.

No, I am not done yet! I am in the process of making a pair of button studs. It should be coming up in a Krafts post soon. I have some fabric that I want to use as well as some new fabric that I brought.

Do you love studs of all kinds? Post yours below!

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