Saturday, July 28, 2012

Online Dating...The Last and Final Time

After some persuasion from my friend, I decided to join another online dating site. I took the plunge and joined Plenty of Fish. One of the real perks about this site is that its free! You can send messages, see who viewed you, and send flirts for free. They have all of the advance search features that an online dater could want. Now, there are PLENTY of men on there. The quality, I cannot vouch for. I have a couple of good converstations with men on there, but they never went anywhere. Not to mention that I really wasn't attracted to them...even though I never seen them in person.

This all makes me wonder, what happened to the good old days when I just met men out and about. I feel like I need that instant attraction from when you first meet a person. I just think that its so impersonal and slow with online dating. Anyway, I am surprised at how open people are about exactly what they want, which is a good thing. The 'looking for' statuses range from looking for a relationship, Not Single/Not Looking and Sexual Encounter. Umh, yeah.  The only reason that I even entertain Plenty of Fish is because its FREE!

This is my last and final time joining an online dating site. I just don't see where I, personally, am having any success.

If you have tried online dating and had success, let me know how you did it!?!?!?!

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