Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spiritual Sunday: I got all I need

I think that God is trying to tell me something (in my Suge Avery voice). I posted my series on contentment, and it seems like every where I look something is popping up talking about contentment. I recently participated in a conference call with Heather Lindsey of Pinky Promise, and the topic was contentment. The hour long conference call was very moving and spiritual. I thought to myself, I must be on to something with this whole contentment thing, lol!

The conference call focused on being content in every season. I found this to be really eye opening. I saw things in myself that I didn't know lead to discontentment. Actually, if you read alot of my posts, they show exactly how discontented (is that a word?!) I was. For example, parts of me loves Facebook, but there are other parts of me that hates it because I go on there and see some of my friends either married, getting married, or pregnant. That hurt me because is something that I want, and I was in a sense jealous of them for that. Facebook brought it right in front of my face (no pun intended). The way that I was feeling was a part of me that wasn't content with were I was at. And I will admit that I just want everything to happen like right now, but I have to know that all in due time. One of the scriptures that the conference called focused one was Galatians 5:6 which reads: For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. She suggests writing this on a card and just mediating on this when we start to compare ourselves to other people.

Another thing that stood out to me during the conference calls was when (we) should be living like we already have all that we need. This is hard to do. When you think about how we are constantly wanting what's new things, better cars, a new house, when really we aleady have everything that we need. This is one of the reason why I am going to do the debt diet in the fall, because I buy so much, when really, I have everything that I need. Its the same with family and friends. I would love to have  social life where I go out somewhere every-single-weekend, but to be honest, I have everything that I need with my family and friends.

Awwwh! I could go on and on with contentment and how I think that the Lord has been speaking to me, but I am going to end it here for now.

If you would like to listen to Heather's message on Contentment, please click here. Also, there is a worksheet and if you would like for me to email you a copy, leave a comment below.

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