Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spiritual Sunday: Knowledge

This year has been almost blah for me. Not in a bad way, but just in a way that has made me take notice of the things that are going on around me and within me. It seems like the one thing that the Lord has been telling me is to seek knowledge. 

As many of you may know, I have been debating on several things in my life and it all boils down to knowledge. I have been debating back and forth about whether I want to buy a house and out of no where my coworker says 'Have you actually researched the programs out there for first time home buyers and single woman?' With a clueless look on my face, 'No, I never thought of that.' I looked online and there it was a program that will help me with closing costs and repairs. Something that I never would have known if I wouldn't have talked to her that day or about mentioned it casually in conversation.

At the end of this year I realize that there are some things that I want so very badly, but I am not quite ready for since I have not taken the proper steps to seek the knowledge to make my plan successful. Now, I know that there are things that you just have to trust and take that step of faith out there and do, but what you will find is that some things are just not in God's time since you don't have the knowledge to do it. And yes, there are mistakes that will be made, but learning from them and taking the knowledge that you have, and moving forward.

Leading into 2013, I am going to fill myself with knowledge, knowledge and more knowledge! There are so many things that I need to seek out and expand about my life. My friend said something that kind of inspired this post. She said that '[We] are the last generation that will actually have some sense. Most of these kids out here don't have a clue what do, how to make decisions, or anything that will help the world or make it a better place.' And the more I thought about it, its true. I thought about how wise my father is. He only has an 8th grade education, but he is really well-versed in many things, from politics to carpentry. Some of his habits consist of reading the paper daily, not looking at TV, unless its CNN or the local news, and seeking knowledge from different people and places.

For the next year, I invite you to be a sponge and soak up all that you can. Read the book of Proverbs.  Read the newspaper. Learn a new word every week, and use it. Think outside the box. Exercise your mind in ways that you never thought possible. Find a different way of doing things. Be aware and knowledgeable of things other than the newest IPhone out. Seek and you shall find. Make the right decisions knowing that you have thought about all possible options and looked at it from every angle, but most importantly seeking out God for his knowledge to guide you.

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