Monday, December 3, 2012

Cold Weather+Natural Hair=Protective Styles

Here in Western PA, we have went from sunny 60 degrees to a balmy 39 degrees with flurries all within one week. But I am not complaining by any means because I love fall weather. Beyond all of the scarfs and falling leaves, I have to take extra care with my natural hair. My go to protective style is a wig. Yes, some naturals are like, I don't wear any type of wigs or weaves...I'm not that natural. My reasons for choosing wigs are simple: they work, allow me to take care of my hair under there, quick and easy.

I recently went crazy on blackhairsprays website and ordered about $70 in hair. One of the wigs that I purchased was a full cap wig named Cutie 15. Oh wait, let me just say that this wig was $17.99, not too bad. Underneath the wig I wore my hair in cornrows, moisturized with As I Am Doublebutter Cream (review to come at a later time), and a stocking cap. Wigs allows my hair and scalp underneath to breath and be oiled and moisturized whenever its needed.

As you can see the hair is a really nice texture, but its the typical full cap wig. The one thing that I wish is that this was a little fuller, track-wise. Honestly, its really thin when its worn out,which is the reason that I wore it up or in a ponytail most of the time. I wore it 2 weeks and it still looks like it did when I first started wearing it. For the price and the purpose, it worked for me. But there are times when I don't feel like myself.

I am thinking about making a protective styles calendar, so that I can plan out exactly what I am going to do during the colder months for my hair. Planning ahead will help me with saving money because I can stock up on hair and or products when there is a sale, and never say that I am bored or have nothing to do with my hair.

What are some of your protective styles during the cold weather?

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