Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spiritual Sunday: Contentment-The Reprise

While doing all of my posts about contentment I forgot about one important part: celibacy. It has been over 2 years since I have been intimate with a man. Dang, its been that long?!?! Sigh. Let's not focus on the time periods. I was thinking and this is the perfect example of contentment. I have been on this journey and before anyone thinks that its easy, its not. It's hard. Believe me. But there are so good things that have come out of it...when I think of them I will post it (here).

Okay, enough with the jokes. I am perfectly fine with being celibate. I am so fine with it that I have joined a celibacy group that supports woman that are going to wait for marriage. Yes, I am going hard on this celibacy thing. I am thinking about getting myself a celibacy ring.

In my life there are things that have happen brought me to this point. One day,  when I open up my non-profit you will know because it will be based around/off of it. But I am doing what makes me happy and that is what contentment is all about right?!?!  Now, this has been met with some adversity. I think that some of my family members think that I am gay since that haven't seen/heard of me with a man in so long. To be honest, that hurts me because my family just doesn't understand. They think that I am the one that is weird, but actually it's how the Lord wants it to be. I am going to put my sexual life in the Lord's hands. He knows my heart, needs, and wants better than a man that just wants my flesh.

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