Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spiritual Sunday

Alright, so after listening to Joel last week preach about Blooming Where You're Planted, brings me to my professional life. Now sure that are so many things that I wish that I could change about my job. Please just let me put it out there that I am so GRATEFUL to have a job, along with the benefits and flexibility. But I must admit that I am not completely fulfilled there. As much of a public servant that I am, there still isn't that sense of fulfillment or that I have actually done something good for someone else. The people whom I help don't really feel blessed to have what they have, they feel like they are entitled to it. Well, some of them.

This all has me thinking about starting my own business and/or non-profit. I am constantly toying with the ideas, but lately, there are parts of me that just want to take the leap and do it! And do it right here in Pittsburgh, none the less. You know, I have a friend who is constantly down-talking Pittsburgh. She has so many negative things to say about the nightlife, quality of life for African Americans, the lack of higher paying salaries, just anything and everything. It bothers me so much, I mean like nails on a chalkboard in a cave echoing, when I am talking to her because she hasn't lived here in so long that she doesn't know that things have changed, and to know that not everyone here makes $10 an hour. Sorry, went off on a tangent there.

Perhaps there is a reason for me being here. After all of the research and job searching that I have done in other states, I still have yet to get an offer out of state doing something that I feel would be uprooting my life for. Then again, maybe the Lord has sat me here in Pittsburgh to grow and then take me off on another path or place. Either way, I have decided that I am going to continue to work diligently at my job, trying to make a difference, using everything that I possibly can to make my job a better place, all while asking the Lord to guide me to start a business or non-profit, if its in his will. Contentment. Putting myself at peace with the whole moving, staying, job situation thingy.

Oh yeah, I am also going to really pray about possibly buying a house.

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