Monday, November 7, 2011

Bra Shopping...Sigh.

I am constantly looking for the perfect bra. I don't know what it is, or how this came to be but its an obsession of mine. Every store that I go into, I am looking...and especially for a deal. Last week, I was on a mission to return this shirt to the Gap and come right back out. Well, inbetween going to Sephora and trying on a couple of polishes, which I would like to suggest Traffic-Stopper Copper Top Coat by OPI, I came across a store called SOMA. Not quite Victoria's Secrect, but they had a 30% off sign in front. Upon walking into the store I was greated but what I like to call 'granny-panties'. Ok, no big deal, take me to the sales. I walked back and the sales woman asked me if it was the 'vanishing back' bra that brought me in. Huh? Just show me the sales. Anywoo, she showed me to the sales rack, which had a couple of bras on it, one of them being the 'vanishing back' bra that she spoke of. Now, granted I was the youngest person in the store right now; everyone else was at least 40 years plus. I took the best printed bra that I could find and tried it on. OMG! This was the best bra that I ever tried on!

Let me point out some of the best features of this bra. The material is GREAT. It's like the Victoria's Secrets Angel bra from like 4 years ago, but only with full coverage. It had just enough padding to cover up some of those embarrassing moments. It was a front closure. Conveient. The straps are adjustable, but you adjust them in the front! That's right, no more guessing if you have both of the straps in the right place. Streching your arms to do it or taking it off and adjusting. Its really supportive, for those of us that need it. Just great.

On the other hand, some of the cons of the bra is it reminds you of a sports bra from the back. I think that its because of the 'vanishing back' selling feature. Also, I am not really sure that I needed my back to be smoothed or that it really works. Ummh, the price. It was originally $50, but with all of the discounts, I ended up paying around $25. Not too bad, but not great either.

Overall,  I would buy them again, still cheaper than some of the Victoria's Secret ones. Don't let the look of the store fool you. Yeah, it's for the slightly more mature crowd, but if you are looking for a good bra, go to SOMA. If you are looking for some cute panties, go elsewhere.

Website: Soma Intimates

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