Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Fall Shows...

This post is waaaayyyy overdue! I would have posted sooner, but I wanted to be sure that I would be hanging in with these shows for the long haul. Without further delay, my picks for fall shows...

Two Broke Girls: It's one of those sitcoms that makes laugh like once per show. I cannot pinpoint what makes me like this show so much or why I remind myself (and cable box) to watch it ever Monday.

Love & Hip Hop: Drama, drama, and more drama. Better than Basketball Wives and back for a second season with new cast members. It just started, so I will have to update later.

IRT: Deadliest Roads: Get that look off your face! I don't know how, or why I look at this show, but I do. Possibly the most boring show ever, but entertaining at the same time. From Hugh who goes it alone, to new partners Tim and Tino and the narrow roads of Bolivia...yeah, its that boring.

Revenge: At first I thought that this show was going to be really predictable, especially since its works itself backwards, but I was wrong. This show is so good to me that I watch it on OnDemand. But the only this is that I cannot see this shows plot lasting more than 1-2 seasons.

ABG (Awkward Black Girl): As seen on Youtube, one of the funniest webisode series that I have ever seen! The best 10 minutes on the web.

Milk and Honey: I learned about this web based series on another blog that I frequent. I watched the first webisode, but haven't seen any other ones since. I want see what's going to happen next.

Honorable Mentions...

Up All Night: It has its funny moments, I like Mya Rudolph, and it fills a void on Wednesday before Revenge comes on. Whitney: It comes on after The Office, if the TV is still on I'll watch it. I must admit that I am really missing 30 Rock.

Got some favorite shows? Comment below and let me know!

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