Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Mac Counter and Me...

This weekend I went out in search of two lipsticks: Up the Amp and Ruby Woo both by MAC. But of course I checked out dupes online, just in case I wasn't in love with the lipsticks. I went to the MAC counter at the mall that I felt most comfortable. Let me just say that I do not like going to the MAC counter at the Ross Park mall because I feel like they ignore African Americans at that particular counter. I can't say at all of the counters in Macy's, but I have had 2 bad experiences there. Anywoo, I go to the MAC counter at Robinson Mall, and was greeted by two sales women...girls...broads. They one girl was working on a client and the other one was just standing around. I politely tell the one that is standing around that I would like to try on Up the Amp. She obliges. After the application, I tell her that I HATE it (insert fake laughs here)! It just wasn't what I expected it to be. While this is going on, a woman walks up and states that she was looking for green eyeshadow. The girl working with me immediately grabs three shadows and rushes over to help the lady. I turn around and say that I wanted to try on Ruby Woo. She politely sanitize the lipstick, hands it to me and says 'Are you ok applying it yourself?' Is that lady you about to help ok with applying the eyeshadow herself. I then say, straight from the tube?!!?!? This broad hands me lip brush from her brush hip/roll thingy. Stunned, I say you are going to have to apply this for me. She does it, but promptly tells me if I need anything to let her know because she will be over with another customer.

Ok, here is my gripe. I would have more than likely brought Ruby Woo, and possibly some foundation. Resulting in a commission for the sales person. Instead, I politely walk away empty handed. What made her think that I wasn't going to buy something? Sure, I wonder aimlessly looking to jog my memory about things that I have seend on YouTube and putting together looks in my mind, but that is no reason to leave me to work on another customer. It wasn't like I was done with shopping or looking. This is normally the point that say 'Don't make me pull out my platinum card and blind you'. I'm a changed person and trying not to be like my momma. I cannot help but see a pattern forming at all MAC counters around the Western PA area: ignorance. Perhaps they don't know how much African American woman spend at stores in an average year, stimulate the economy and set trends. The Asians know, which is why there is a BSS in every neighborhood.

Have you ever felt like you didn't receive the best customer service at the MAC counter? I know that it isn't just me.

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