Friday, November 11, 2011

Late Night Rambling..

Tonight I let my cousin talk me into going to a concert. But it wasn't just any concert. It was a concert held at a sandwich shop. Yeah, you read that right. It was in the lounge above a sandwich shop. Now, I don't mind supporting local talent, but when you pop tags off of clothes, put a full face of makeup, and sweat out your $40 blowout, I would expect for it to be at an actual lounge. This concert was held at MyCity Subs and Lounge, which I believe is a front for something. What, I don't know. Aside from the [illegal] liquor that was being served, the horrible acoustics,  smoke *cough* permeating your clothes and hair, and the stalkers (Yes, I had two stalkers), it was a decent night for $10. It was better than sitting at home watching the Braxtons...I think.

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