Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just in Case, Take Care: Part III

It's a normal Monday night, and I am looking at one of my new shows, Two Broke Girls, and the episode is about Max misinterpreting one of her friends gestures as more than what they are. She ends up kissing him in the streets...while his girlfriend is right behind him. (Click here for full episode). He confronts her and she asks him why didn't he tell her. He said that is was because he didn't know what do with his feelings for her and his girlfriend. Sign? Maybe.

My whole thing is that we've been friends for years, and yes we have even been intimate before. I've started my period and messed up his sheets, he's walked in on me having sex, we just have one of those relationships friendships. Did I think that it was weird that he came into town and didn't meet-up? Yeah, but what can I say. Is it weird that he hung with mutual friends and never bother to call me? I had to hear about it from them. But you couldn't call me? Could he have been hiding some feelings for me and didn't know how he would react when he seen me? Maybe. At the time that he came into town I didn't know that he had a girlfriend. To make matters worst, I seen a picture of him and his girl on his facebook page. Did I feel some type of way? Yeah, I did, but they look good together.

I'm at the point where I think that I need to just stay off of facebook. You see stuff that you don't need to see. I'm a realists and I know that the reason/way that I feel about him and this whole situation is because I was reading into things to much and because of the intimacy that we once had my feelings are distorted. I brought this on myself; he doesn't know how I feel about it and whatever feelings that he may have towards me, he can keep it to himself. To be honest, I think that how I feel about him is just a knee-jerk reaction that I had because I think that him having someone is going to effect what we have. Which isn't much, just open communication. I shared stuff with him that I share with my closest girl-friends. Why couldn't he do the same?

To be a good friend, I am going to keep my word and proof the resume and send it back to him...but after that, like Drake's new album, Take Care.

Afterthoughts: I read everything that I wrote and really sat down and thought about it, and I realize that the posts pertaining to Just in Case, Take Care are my initial reactions. Now that I have had time to think about things--I mean really think about them--I overreacted. Now that the initial shock and raw emotions have passed,  I am fine. Honestly. Writing things out and venting about a situations helps to put things into perspective and see things for what they really are.

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