Saturday, November 12, 2011

There is no need to argue, people just don't understand...

Have you ever tried to express something to someone that just isn't on the same level as you? Last week while on my blissful, week-long vacation, I experimented with my natural hair. I went out brought some new conditioner, "Yes to Carrots", which was great. Also got some Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie stuff and was ready to go. With my twists out and YouTube at my beacon call, I embarked on my first natural hair style. Oh wait, first I did a bentonite clay mask treatment, which helped clarify the care and help with the detangling.

Alright, after washing, my hair wasn't exactly what I expected. I am assuming that due to my bi-weekly wash and presses caused some severe heat damage to my tresses. Having transitioned for over a year and wearing twists for three months, I thought that I would have more 'virgin' hair on my head. Instead, there were massive amounts of straight hair--everywhere. I pressed on. I decided that after looking at a couple of YouTube videos that I was going to attempt a twist and curl. Basically, twisting my hair then curling it around a rod. Simple, right?

After letting my hair air dry for 24hrs.+, the results were, well, lack luster. I had to do something with the crazy naps and curls that I had going on. The relaxed ends curled really well, but the roots were nappy with no definition. So being the creative being that I am, I attempted several things but was unsuccessful. Finally, I thought about the one thing that will save a bad hair day---a hat! I never wear hats, but I was borderline desperate. I found the grey beanie that I brought from Forever 21 and gathered the back of my hair into a twist and put it on. I left the bangs out in the front, kind of a free spirited look, with two sideburn tendrils. No too bad.

Now when I went to get my hair done on Thursday, I wore my hair like this. My hair dresser was like 'Oh you trying something wanted to wear an afro...did you want to see how it would look natural?' Umh, yeah what's wrong with that? The way that she questioned me about the style just made me feel like we must not be on the same page hair wise and uncomfortable. She later went on to ask me what I did to it? What did I do to it? It was like I had an alien sitting on my hair. Now, although it was frizzy at the top, one can clearly see that it was a set of some kind...the ends of the curls were defined. I sent a picture, the one here to my friends and they saw absolutely nothing wrong with it, but then again, who knows. She later went on after she got done with it, to attempt to schedule me for normal wash and press in two weeks. I told her that I would have to get back to her. She casually stated that she had other clients and may not have the regular slot open. I said, Ok, I will be in touch.

If you are still reading this, you may be wondering what are you really talking about. First, taking a step out and attempting do something with my natural hair was BIG! (see 360 in 365 page) My friends were supportive and encouraging, but not so much from my hair dresser.  Also, here in Southwestern PA, natural hair isn't as accepted as some places, like Philly. I wasn't arguing with my hair dresser about anything, but I feel like she just doesn't understand my hair journey and what I am trying to accomplish. I also think that she is looking out for herself; having a steady client shelling out $40 every other week adds up. I am trying to get away from the heat and constant manipulation of my hair which means less money for her.  I just want to get it to a point where its completely natural. Perhaps, I should have been more up front with her and state that I was going back to protective styling and not getting my hair done as much. Especially since in 2012, I am attempting to be more a budget and save. There is no need to argue, people just don't understand...

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