Friday, November 18, 2011

Just in Case, Take Care: Part II

Fast forward a couple of conversations and texts, he asks me to proof his resume. Sure. Friends do that for one another. Alright, the next things catches me completely off guard. He states that he would consider moving to PA for a job. Ok, move from a diverse, melting pot, brimming with more opportunity than here, back to PA. (This may actually be the point where I took things a lil' too literally). Oh huh, if that is what you want to do. Now before I get into this next part just know that it's funny how things come out right without you even prying--and just another reason why I feel like social media networks have corrupted our communication skills. So, on a IM conversation, we get into a conversation about sex. He asks me about my celibacy journey and the conversation goes from there. During this conversation he states that he gets in on a regular basis. Really? This is different. I ask

Me:You have a woman?


Me:Is it serious?


Me:Why didn't you tell me? Change you facebook status? Something that shows that you are seriously talking to someone

Him:You know that I like to keep stuff low-key.

Me:I think that you should have told me.

Mind you, we talk late night, text one another, all the things that if your partner finds they might be like who the bleep is this bleep texting you and you talking to all the time?!?! At this point, my ego is slightly bruised. Its my fault that I read too much into our friendship and that I possibly developed feelings and they didn't surface he told me this and a couple of waves of jealousy ran through me.

The conversation continues and I try to keep it together like I am not phased.

Me: So, what if you get a job up here. You can't just leave her.

Him: I'll bring her with me.

In my mind, I am like ok, this is too weird. I need to cut this short and hit him with the 'take care'. Basically 'take care' means if we talk again, fine, if not, that's fine too.I wish you no ill-will or harm; I wish you the best.

Trying to end on a positive note, I tell him that I will review his resume send it back to him. I try to end the conversation, but we go on a little more about random stuff.

Helater contacted me on IM and ignored him. He sent an email. I ignored him. It's to the point where I stay off of the computer during our normal chat session hours and refrain myself from sending my normal random texts during the work day

To be continued...

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