Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spiritual Sunday

Photo by: Donna Kelly via Flickr
In my random spending, I went to the Chrisitian Family Store and browsed some of the books there. The store was also having a half off sale. I came across a book called Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working by Craig Groeschel. I flipped through it and to my surprise there were some parts that really stood out to me.

Book Description:

Normal people are stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Many of their relationships are, at best, strained and, in most cases, just surviving. Even though we live in one of the most prosperous places on earth, normal is still living paycheck to paycheck and never getting ahead. In our oversexed world, lust, premarital sex, guilt, and shame are far more common than purity, virginity, and a healthy married sex life. And when it comes to God, the majority believe in him, but the teachings of scripture rarely make it into their everyday lives. Simply put, normal isn't working. Groeschel's WEIRD views will help you break free from the norm to lead a radically abnormal (and endlessly more fulfilling) life.

 Source: Amazon

I brought the book and plan to read a chapter a night until I am done. If anyone is interested in having a discussion about the book, just comment below. I'll do a book review on it when I finish.

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