Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year! I must say that I am so glad to see another year and to have 2011 be a distant memory. I went to church today and the message was Don't Look Back! And that is exactly what I am going to do--not look back.

Moving right along, this year I have joined a couple of challenges. The first one being the 31 Day Reset Your Life Challenge. I have started a page that will have all of my thoughts and exercises written down. All of the details and link will be on the page so be sure to check it out.

Also, I am participating in two more challenges. The Protect Ya Ends challenge on Black Girl, Long Hair website. I will doing protective styles for the next three months. I really honestly think that after the three months, I may just BC (big chop). I just want to be free from these horrible relaxed ends. Oh yeah, and the heat damage! Another challenge that I am participating in is more of a personal challenge regarding my finances. I am challenging myself to save money by only eating out twice a month! If you only knew how much I spend on eating out a week. It's not that much, but an extra $80 biweekly would help a sistah out! I just want to start being more financially responsible and save as much as possible.

Ok, so on to some resolutions! I really don't have too many. Alot of them are already outlined in my 360 in 365, which I currently working on accomplishing by June 18th 2012. I will add these to the list as well:

  • Build better relationships and start some new ones! This pertains to family, staying in touch with my friends who don't live near me, and start some new relationships (especially with the opposite sex)
  • Go to at least 2 concerts. I really miss going to concerts and this year I hope to go to at least two.
  • Stop sweating the small stuff. Easier said than done.
  • Keep my eyes open for new opportunities and excel at my current position.
  • Go to Cafe Notte. There is a new place that is open by my house that I have been dying to go to. I am willing to go by any means possible--even alone.
Not too many resolutions this year, but I do have alot to accomplish in my 360 in 365.There will be more updates coming with the challenges and resolutions. I'm glad that I don't have to work in the morning cause it's getting late! Night Night!

Edit: After posting this, I realized that I forgot one important resolution--Learn to Sew! My mother is claiming that she has a sewing machine on layaway that she wasn't able to get out by Christmas. I am excited to learn and see what I can make. And I have really been inspired to get crafty with all of the youtube videos and things that I see on pinterest.

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